Cattlemen’s Ranch Texas Barbecue Seasoned Beef Patties

There’s a niche barbecue joint in our immediate area that has, over the years, blossomed into a popular local restaurant. (It’s been so successful, in fact, that it was recently featured on a national network morning show.) Among the meat offerings the restaurant sells is its own proprietary burger. The burger is unlike anything I’ve had elsewhere on account of its rich and unique seasoning, and it’s actually divided the burger lovers in my family. Some of us really like the seasoned style, while others prefer a more unseasoned burger that just about all other places seem to sell.

We’re always on the lookout for possible restaurant-like experiences in our local grocer, which is why we took notice when Aldi stocked a selection of premium seasoned burgers.

Cattlemen's Ranch Texas Barbecue Seasoned Beef Patties

Cattlemen’s Ranch Texas Barbecue Seasoned Beef Patties are an Aldi Find. Stores get a single shipment, and once they’re sold out, you won’t be able to get them again until they come back, if they come back. You can’t order Aldi products online if they’re not in stock at your local store.

At the time of this post, these burgers come in a box of 6 burger patties, with the patties in a plastic bag inside the box. Each patty is 1/3 of a pound. The box currently costs $8.49, which comes out to about $1.41 a burger, $4.24 a pound, and 26 cents an ounce. These burgers were part of a mixed case that also included a mushroom and swiss version that we also picked up and tested.

Nutritionally, these patties are high in fat (34g / 42% DV), saturated fat (12g / 60% DV), cholesterol (90mg / 30% DV), and sodium (720mg / 30% DV), although the mushroom and swiss burgers are even higher. The burgers do have the virtue of being low in sugar, high in protein, and containing modest amounts of calcium and iron.

As far as allergens go, these contain milk.

Cattlemen's Ranch Texas Barbecue Seasoned Beef Patties

Nutrition information, ingredients, and instructions. (Click to enlarge.) 

The cooking instructions are par for the course as far as frozen burgers go. You can make these on the grill, in a broiler, or on a skillet. In all cases, the goal is to cook them through to 165 degrees. I used a grill.

Cattlemen's Ranch Patties

Mushroom and Swiss on left, Texas Barbecue on right

Like other frozen burgers, you’re supposed to cook these on a grill until the juices come through, then flip them and cook them until they reach the safe temperature. I found both these burgers and the mushroom and swiss ones didn’t juice up the way my typical frozen burgers do, so I had to rely a little more on time rather than a visual inspection. With help from an instant read thermometer, though, I was able to get the job done.

Cattlemen's Ranch Patties

Mushroom and Swiss on left, Texas Barbecue on right

Our burger testers unanimously liked these burgers. The box boasts that these have cheddar cheese, onions, and roasted poblano peppers, and while the cheese notes weren’t as strong as we would have hoped (or as strong as with the mushroom and swiss), it was still there, as were the onions and peppers. The smoke flavoring is present without being too overwhelming or artificial, and I thought the burgers were particularly good topped with barbecue sauce.

The Verdict:

I bought these hoping to get a seasoned burger, and I didn’t come away disappointed. Cattlemen’s Ranch Texas Barbecue Seasoned Beef Patties have a great mix of onions, peppers, and some cheese, with a depth of flavor that I think pairs well with barbecue sauce. The only drawback is that they’re not the healthiest burger, so they’re more of a sometimes food.

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  1. The Cattleman’s Ranch Texas BBQ with cheddar cheese, onions, and poblano peppers are fantastic. Bought one box to try them. Went back 4 days later for more and they are out. Have not seen them since.

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