Stonemill Amazing Burger Grill Seasoning

For the average burger eater, the most important question is what goes on and around the burger after it’s done. Standard bun or something fancier? Ketchup, mustard, and pickles or barbecue sauce? Mayo or aoli? Cheddar or Swiss? Bacon or more bacon?

You get the picture.

But when you’re cooking said burger, there is also the legitimate question of what goes on the burger before it’s done. Do you simply toss the ground beef on the grill and leave the rest to the condiments? Or do you sprinkle in some seasoning before your meat hits the fire? This thorny question can really divide burger lovers, some of whom want just a standard burger and others who want to season it up.

Not long ago, I noticed that Aldi was selling its own burger seasoning. I decided to try it.

Stonemill Amazing Burger Grill Seasoning

Stonemill Amazing Burger Grill Seasoning can be found in the store’s dry goods section. I’m not sure if it is an everyday Regular Buy or a summer Seasonal Item that gets restocked during the warm months. At the time I bought it, in August, it was being clearanced out, which makes me think it could be seasonal.

I paid $1.99 for this 5.75-ounce plastic container, or about 35 cents an ounce. Like many seasonings, you can uncap it and shake it through small holes on top, or remove the cap entirely and pour.

Ingredients include salt, onion, chili pepper, sugar, garlic, tomato powder, and red bell pepper, as well as “natural smoke and grill flavors.” A 1/4 teaspoon serving of this seasoning has nearly no nutritional consequence except for 170 mg of sodium.

Stonemill Amazing Burger Grill Seasoning

Nutrition information and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

We sprinkled this stuff on both sides of an Aldi burger.

Stonemill Amazing Burger Grill Seasoning

We thought it was good seasoning. In our view, it enhances the beef flavor without overwhelming it, so we were able to add other condiments without feeling like the burger had already been taken over by something else. We thought it went fine with a standard ketchup / mustard / pickle burger, but we also think it has potential alongside barbecue sauce or even Wahl sauce. However you dress up your burger after cooking it, this is a solid way to treat it before cooking.

The Verdict:

Stonemill Amazing Burger Grill Seasoning is a solid way to sprinkle in some flavor on a burger. Seasonings aren’t necessarily for everyone, but if you want a burger that has a deeper flavor than just a plain beef patty, this mix hits the spot.

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