Crane 3-in-1 Beach Cabana Headed to Aldi

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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We make annual summer trips up to the shores of Lake Michigan to visit family. While the lake itself is pretty cold — the water temperature in Chicago hovers in the 60s for much of the summer — air temperatures in that region tend to be warm but not too hot. It makes for a nice day to sit on the beach and soak up the sounds of gently crashing waves and seagulls.

As anyone knows, though, direct sunlight can turn a mild day into an oppressive experience. That’s why sun shelters and umbrellas dot the lake shore. That’s also why we’ve purchased and used sun shelters of our own for when we find ourselves on the beach.

Aldi also has been known to stock something more deluxe for your beach needs.

What We Know:


Crane 3-in-1 Beach Cabana

The Crane 3-in-1 Beach Cabana (Product Code: 701022) is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a limited time. Once it’s sold out of stores, you won’t be able to get it until it comes back, if it comes back. Aldi does not offer online ordering for products that aren’t in stock at your local store.

In 2022, the cabana sold for $99.99. That’s $30 more than it sold the last time we spotted it in stores back in 2020. I tried to find other 3-in-1 cabanas to compare prices to, but there aren’t many out there that I could find. You can get a standard cabana without any kind of side wall from Walmart for $40, or one with a side wall from Amazon for $110 and up. As far as 3-in-1 cabanas go, though, this Aldi version appears to be one of the few out there.

The product is designed to function either as a cabana, an umbrella, or a lean-to / sideliner. The fabric is water-resistant and has UV 50+ protection.

This cabana comes with a 2-year warranty serviced by SlumberTrek, an Australian-based supplier of outdoor equipment. The Crane cabana is a rebranded SlumberTrek Myri Shelter, and if you look at the page for the Myri Shelter, you can find more details on the product, including setup instructions.

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t tested out the 3-in-1, so we don’t know how easily it sets up and tears down, or how well it holds up. That’s why we’ve created this open thread for users to share their experiences.

Do you have experience with this cabana? Let us know in the comments.

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