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Last Updated on February 13, 2023

EDITOR’S NOTE: Aldi uses different local sources for its milk. As a result, the milk cartons can look different in different areas. Some of those cartons can be more difficult to open than others.

In the 1980s, the dairy industry launched a campaign to convince America that milk does a body good. In recent years, milk has become a flashpoint for debate, both in terms of its health benefits and the conditions in which America’s dairy cattle are raised.

Although there is disagreement on the topic, much of the current evidence suggests that, while there are some drawbacks to milk, it is on balance a source of more nutrients than many other foods. What’s more, whole milk, which for decades was seen as less healthy than skim or 2%, has now seen a comeback thanks to a series of studies that have shown that whole milk may, in fact, be healthier than lower-fat milk … including, astonishingly, evidence that full-fat dairy may reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity. (Right now, most schools still carry 2% or skim milk.)

Aldi, like virtually all grocers, carries milk, including whole milk.

Friendly Farms Whole Milk, a staple Regular Buy, comes in the familiar one-gallon jug. (Our local Aldi stores also sell half-gallon containers of milk, including whole milk.) The price of milk at Aldi varies, and while it’s usually cheaper than generic milk at other stores, that’s not always the case, so you might want to do a bit of price comparison.

Aldi’s whole milk carries a “no artificial growth hormones pledge,” although there isn’t much detail on where Aldi’s milk is sourced. The ingredients are just two: milk and Vitamin D3.

Friendly Farms Milk

Friendly Farms Milk nutrition information. (Click to enlarge.)

The nutrition information is more or less what you’d see on any other whole milk gallon. On its face, whole milk has a fair amount of calories and fat, although, as I noted earlier, there are studies that indicate that this may not be as much of a concern as we once thought it to be.

In terms of how Aldi milk compares to other milk: as far as I can tell, it’s all about the same. Aldi milk, whole or skim, tastes just like any other whole milk I’ve purchased, be it store brand or a regional name like the Illinois-based Prairie Farms. The milk seems, on balance, to last about as long as other milks I’ve purchased … which is to say it’s unpredictable. I never know from jug to jug whether the milk inside will go bad a few days before the expiration date or days afterward. This has been true of Aldi just as it’s been true of milk I’ve bought from other stores. I can say, though, that Aldi milk tends to be on par, and that the milk I find at Aldi usually has expiration dates as far into the future as other stores I’ve been to.

The Verdict:

As it does with other staples, like bread and eggs, Aldi delivers milk that looks and tastes just like its competitors, and usually (although not always) for a better price. Aldi also sells it in gallon and half-gallon sizes.

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  1. Milk at Aldi’s is pretty much like anywhere else…. It comes from local daries. There is a website where you can check to see where the milk came from by entering the code on the bottle. In most areas you will find it coming from a name brand dairy. There really is no reason to ever buy high priced brand name milk.

  2. Dear Joshua
    Aldi has changed the style of their milk gallon. which now sucks.
    its a little bigger so it doesn’t fit in the door of some of the fridges now like it use too. ALSO it has a seal on it now that wont come off. I’m an adult an 98% of them i can’t open. this is unsafe an what makes it even worse is my 7rold grand-daughter was using a knife to open it. she was trying to get herself some cereal before we got out there.. this is a very unsafe product an needs to be removed from their shelves.

    • Richard, I’d be interested to see any pictures you might have. Feel free to reach out on our contact page.

      • We have a hard time getting the lids off too! They need to change em back!!!

      • I have the same issue. I use a pliers to break the seal, but why should I have to.

        I contacted Aldi about this, and they said they will look into it. Yeah, right.

        I also contacted Aldi about their heavy whipping cream that is sold in 32 ounce containers only. Again, they gave me a cock and bull reply.

        Publix’s motto is, “Where shopping is a pleasure”. Aldi should be, “Take it or leave it”.

    • I’m with you! I hate the new milk containers! New is not always improved, as is the case here, in my opinion

    • The new milk jug is lousy, We can hardly get the lid off, We might have to change to a different brand, hope not!

    • I agree the new cap is extremely hard to get off,have to use pliers,knife didn’t
      work. what was wrong with the old cap that had a tab to pull? It was MUCH easier to use.

    • Right on! The new seal totally s$%ts!

    • For some time I have been using a knife to unseal my Aldi milk. On the last two gallon jugs, I had to use a pair of pliers to get the blue cap off.

      Will go back to the local store of milk.

  3. I forgot to mention, too, that it’s a real pain trying to get the last little bit of milk out of the container, without it spilling out onto the counter! I wish they’d change it back to the “old” style.

  4. I regularly shop at Aldi . Good selection and prices, such as:

    private branded chips, Simply Nature blue chips and black bean tortilla chips

    cereal, shredded wheat!

    dry roasted peanuts


    produce (choose carefully, some excellent values)

    chicken tenderloins

    1 lb scallops

    organic black beans in can

    Bought milk at Aldi for the first time today at a price one-half of what we usually pay. Instead of being happy, I got chewed out by mother hen when I got home. She is brand loyal and wanted a certain expensive brand at a popular regional grocery chain. She did some research using the code on the label and learned it came from the expensive dairy!

    FYI — The milk I bought in the cold case contains NO carrageenan and is only “pasteurized”, not “ultra pasteurized” as stated by other commenters.

    Aldi can save money without sacrificing quality or taste. Let the picky people pay too much at the fancy markets. (Although I’m seeing more Mercedes, Lexus, and Cadillacs in the parking lot.)

  5. I love my Aldi’s. Been a loyal customer for a while now. They’re getting better all the time. The German brats are really good. We eat them at least once a week. And the buns at the store here in Florida are slot on the top. Makes great sense.

  6. The seal on the gallon jug needs to be better designed.
    Very difficult to remove & often rips in the process.
    Get rid of the damn thing & only seal with the screw cap.

  7. Fun fact for most of the Chicagoland stores the milk is prairie farms.

  8. Anyone know about Friendly Farms Lactose Free milk and noticed a blue coloring around the inside of the spout or inside the container?

  9. I refuse to buy any meats and or Dairy products at aldis.. I have bought chicken there that smelled so bad after I cooked it , my dogs wouldnt even eat it.. I have bought cream 2 times there and it spolied a week before due date.Just threw out a half a gallon of milk because it spoiled well over a week before due date..

  10. Anytime I buy lactose free milk from Aldis it goes bad atleast a month before the expiration date!! Pretty bad that I get one week out of it before it goes bad!! It’s ridiculous!!!

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