Open Thread: Heart to Tail Collapsible Pet Pool

Aldi has been selling a lot more products for pets in recent years. Besides a selection of Regular Buy dog food, dry cat food, canned cat food, cat treats, and cat litter that are available year round, the discount grocer also has been selling new assortments of limited-time pet accessories every couple of months. Common products include cat houses, cat shark tunnels, pet grooming kits, dog leases, pet beds, and, most recently, a collapsible pet pool.

What We Know:

Heart to Tail Collapsible Pet Pool

The Heart to Tail Collapsible Pet Pool cost $12.99 in July of 2020. This is an Aldi Find, which means it will only be in stores for a short time.

The only other pet pool that we have a record of Aldi selling was a Summer Waves Round 36″ Pet Pool for $4.99 in June of 2019.

Here are some things we know about the Heart to Tail pool in 2020:

  • Designed for playing and bathing outdoors
  • Easy setup; no inflating required
  • Portable pool is foldable for travel and storage
  • Just fill with water and remove twist-off cap to drain the pool
  • Measures 31.5″ in diameter and 7.9″ deep

The Heart to Tail pet pool looks practically identical to other popular collapsible pet pools under various brand names on the market, and Amazon sells similar-looking pools for more money, with similar-sized pools costing around $29.99 or higher at the time of publication. That makes the Aldi pool a good bargain.

You can buy this same style of pool in larger sizes from other retailers outside of Aldi, including ones that are four feet in diameter and five feet in diameter, but the price will go up significantly, with a 63″ pool running $69.99 on Amazon at the time of publication.

This style of pool consists of cardboard or particle board panels covered in a vinyl material making up the sides of the pool, with more vinyl-style material composing the floor of the pool. The pool empties by twisting off a drain cap.

This type of pool is generally well reviewed on Amazon. It’s recommended to trim your pet’s nails before letting them in the pool so they don’t rip the plastic material, and I’ve read some reviews of the sides bowing out when they’re filled with water, but most people seem to be happy with their pools.

This type of pool isn’t just for pets either. Some people use them as kiddie pools or as ball pits for children. My kids have a four-foot pool in this style ordered from Amazon, although we don’t have a dog. Instead, the pool is the perfect size for pretend play with American Girl dolls (DO NOT ADD WATER if using this pool with dolls!), and a relative built a doll-sized ladder out of PVC pipe to go with the pool. To make your own doll pool, you can read a tutorial with detailed pictures and instructions here. Since we don’t use our pool with water, we can’t speak to how well it works as an actual swimming pool, but for indoor play with dolls it looks great and does what we expect it to.

What We Don’t Know:

Because we’ve never used this type of pool with water in it, we can’t say for sure how well it holds up. We also don’t know exactly what company manufactures this Aldi pool, but it looks identical to several other pet pool brands on the market. Finally, we don’t yet know if this pool comes with a warranty.

Do you have experience with Aldi’s Heart to Tail Collapsible Pet Pool? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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  1. Yeah….try and find it! I find this a lot with ALDI anymore. They Advertise stuff and then never have it! Aggravating

    • Fran Stinehart

      i beleve you we have the same problem in Michigan

    • True here too or only have smaller sized stuff and limited on that..things labeled wrong, have to check receipt every time as I get screwed almost every time, not credited with discounts on clearly marked foods, cashier fails to properly ring in the discount that is suppose to be done at register, charged 2 different prices for exact same products bought multiples of..some things are very inferior in AOS aisle..good for alot..but bad for others..

  2. I grabbed this and the pet cooling mat. Dog loves the cooling mat and now I wished I grabbed a second one for upstairs. When back for one, wiped out.

    I haven’t tried the pool yet, but it’s shallow enough I think a Golden Retriever sized dog could lie down and rest it’s head on the side. I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that isn’t big on water, so I mainly got this for bathing and cool off sessions. She likes to wade through creeks, but doesn’t like to get submerged/swim. I’ll probably put an old towel on the bottom to protect the base. Looking at the 90s and muggy this week, will be testing it out. Will give a follow up!

    • Rebecca Hawkins

      I bought the dog pool. Disappointed. I filled it up once but my dogs wouldn’t get in. They only drank out of it. It sat overnight. There was some leaking on the patio. I drained it the next morning. They still had not used it. The third day I started letting it fill and noticed the water was seaming more than the second day. Again, the dogs wouldn’t get in and only drank out of it. Only would kind of hold water while it was pouring from the hose, so I guess it was t really holding it. All water drained out on its own. I thought I would try one more time in the fourth day and the water just poured out as soon as it went in like a sieve. The seam has popped open about 1.5 inches. It’s going back. I lost my receipt so I guess I’ll have to get Aldi store credit. Do not buy it.

  3. Not a good buy! We are so disappointed in the quality of this pool. We’ve had this pool for two weeks now, and it is used every day by our 22 lb dog. There is a slow leak in the bottom, and the sides of the pool are bowing so badly that the pool only fills to half-capacity now.

  4. We bought one of these for our dragons to play in.
    They love it. They eat inside of it then we remove their plate and let them run around. Our male will chase his plastic ball around then climb out when he wants to be held.
    They also, enjoy being out side in it for soaking up heat.
    We don’t use it with water.
    We are buying a second one for our grandbaby to sit in on the grass 5o avoid chiggers.

  5. I bought a small pool a couple years ago for my wore out and cracked at seems so decided to get another..they were out of large and pushing I got one..however it was smaller than the small one I got two years ago..NOT impressed!! I will be looking at other brands even if cost a bit more, clearly this is an inferior..or wrongly labeled product! Was extremely disappointed!!

  6. jeanette farwell

    I bought the collapsible and lost cleaning instructions, How do I clean it?

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