How Introverts and Extroverts Shop at Aldi

Introverts and Extroverts at Aldi

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All kinds of people shop at Aldi. Not only do people come into the store for different reasons — some for staple groceries and others for the fun finds in the middle aisle. Everyone you see at Aldi is a unique individual.

We here at Aldi Reviewer find Myers-Briggs personality types to be both fascinating and helpful when attempting to understand people. The system attempts to classify people into a few categories such as introverts and extroverts, thinkers or feelers, and more. We’ve written before — in a humorous way — about how each Myers-Briggs type might shop at Aldi.

While the general public may not be familiar with some aspects of Myers-Briggs classifications, a lot of people do have an idea of what introverts and extroverts are. Put simply, extroverts are energized by spending time around other people. Introverts, on the other hand, are energized by spending time alone.

With that said, here is our slightly tongue-in-cheek take on how introverts and extroverts shop at Aldi.

How an Introvert Shops at Aldi:

An introvert checks the weekly ad and plans their shopping trip in advance so they don’t have to spend more time in the store than necessary. Better yet, they order on Instacart so they don’t have to go inside the store, instead choosing curbside pickup or delivery. If they do shop in person, they avoid busy times such as weekends if they can help it. If they must shop on the weekend, they need plenty of time at home — and maybe a good cup of tea or coffee — to recover afterward.

In store, an introvert stocks up on tea and coffee supplies to enjoy at home. They probably own the Aldi single-serve coffee maker or the electric kettle. They also can’t resist the cozy plush throw blankets in the Aldi Finds aisle.

An introvert enjoys saying hello to a close friend they run into in the dairy aisle, and they might even have a briefly deep conversation about their personal lives or the state of the world. However, when they spot a lesser-known acquaintance strolling in through the automatic doors, they suddenly pretend to be really interested in the walk-in greenhouses in the middle aisle so they don’t have to engage in small talk, which they might be awkward at.

An introvert often uses self-checkout but appreciates how hardworking Aldi employees are. They especially like that Aldi workers aren’t pushy and don’t hawk rewards programs or store credit cards like other retailers.

As an introvert leaves the store after paying for their groceries, they think it’s nice that so many Aldi shoppers like to pass their carts directly on to other customers instead of plugging the carts back into the corral. However, they sometimes keep their head down or avoid making eye contact with others at the cart corral because they’re saving their energy for other social interactions. They also might still be a little annoyed about that time when they handed their cart off to someone who unexpectedly gave them a handful of coins instead of a quarter.

An introvert goes home, having accomplished their outing for the day. They feed their cat, make coffee, and settle in to work a puzzle book they bought at Aldi.

How an Extrovert Shops at Aldi:

An extrovert eagerly arrives to shop in person and runs into no fewer than three people they know. They randomly ask strangers if they know where the ranch is and shout caw-caw when they score a cool Aldi Find. They take lots of pictures in the store to share later with their large social media following.

An extrovert buys some Winking Owl wine and the ready-to-serve charcuterie meat and cheese trays in preparation for an upcoming party. They also buy all the stuff in the middle aisle that is perfect for entertaining, including patio furniture sets, fire pits, corn hole games, and swimming pools.

An extrovert frequently chooses the staffed checkout station over self-checkout and makes friends with no fewer than four people in the checkout line. They know most of the staff at their local store and make a point to ask the cashier how their mother is doing.

On their way out of the store, an extrovert passes their cart on to another customer and makes small talk about how nice the weather is.

An extrovert goes home just long enough to unload their groceries. Then they take their dog out to the popular local park to meet up with friends.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Leave us a comment below. 

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  1. The introvert describes me exactly, except I won’t order from Instacart or any delivery service. I still prefer in person shopping, making a list and only buy what I need (most of the time). But I have never used a cart, still don’t understand how it works, and I never buy that much anyway.

  2. Hahahaha…I’m the extrovert, and you are so right – would never use self-checkout, because I always chat with the checker about some cool Aldi Find candles or whatnot, or how fast the ceramic Mr. Christmas lighted tress disappeared…lol

  3. Actually laughed out loud about introverts preferring Instacart to avoid people. It’s not the main reason I use IC, but I consider it a big benefit. The rest of the introvert section is pretty much spot on for this I in the M-B indicator.

  4. I am an introvert. I love the blankets, coffee, tea and self-checkout.

  5. This introvert is too poor to use instacart and will never use self-checkout unless Aldi does away with human cashiers all together. I don’t want to possibly have scanning issues and need help. I would rather just go to the person paid to get me checked out quickly.

    • Yes, that’s the main reason I will not use Instacart, it costs money. Also, at my store there was never more than one cashier anyway, and with the self checkouts, there is usually someone nearby to help. And with only 1 cashier, checkout was never quick when I had to stand in line behind 5 people with carts full. I have been using self checkout exclusively and never needed help.

  6. Complete introvert, here! It’s all me except I do love a slow cruise through the Finds/Aisle of Shame. I do get a bit miffed when other people decide to cruise the Aisles while I’m there – “don’t they know the Aisles are occupied right now?! They can come back when I’m done, thank you! ” 🙂

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