Open Thread: Ambiano Power Air Fryer Oven with Rotisserie

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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Earlier this year, we got our hands on the Ambiano Air Fryer, and suffice to say that we were fans. We liked the way food cooked up crisp in the little machine, and it has become a mainstay in some of our meal planning, especially when potatoes or chicken are involved.

But what if you want to up your game? What if you need something bigger, something that can do more? Well, Aldi has you covered, because — just in time for the holidays — the grocer is launching something altogether more serious than the Ambiano Air Fryer.

What We Know:

Ambiano Power Air Fryer Oven with Rotisserie

The Ambiano Power Air Fryer Oven (product code: 14264) with Rotisserie is an ALDI Find, so it’s only in stores for a short time. It retails for $99.99. This makes it one of the more expensive (although by no means the most expensive) products Aldi sells, but it’s also generally cheaper than other air fryer ovens of this size and type. As far as we can tell, this is the first time Aldi has sold a product quite like this one. It appears to be a rebranding of this BELLA Air Fryer Oven.

This air fryer oven comes with:

  • the oven
  • a rotation drum basket
  • 3 nonstick crisping trays
  • a baking rack
  • a rotisserie and rotisserie holder
  • a manual

The accessories, are, according to Aldi, dishwasher safe.

Ambiano Power Air Fryer Oven with Rotisserie 2

Some of the accessories.

The air fryer oven’s features include:

  • a 10.5-quart capacity
  • adjustable controls, including a 24-hour timer and temperature setting that can be set up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • the ability to air fry, grill, roast, bake, broil, dehydrate, reheat, or use as a rotisserie
  • ten digital cooking presets
  • a digital touch screen display
  • “high performance circular heat technology”
  • a rotisserie function that fits up to a 4-lb. roast
  • an extra-large viewing window and internal light to view food while cooking

What We Don’t Know:

Because this is a new item from Aldi, there are some unknowns. We don’t yet know who makes it, and we haven’t yet spotted a posted warranty. We also don’t know how well it cooks, although our experience with the smaller Ambiano Air Fryer has been good.

Have experience with this air fryer oven? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

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  1. It’s the BELLA 10.5 QT Air Convection Fryer Oven Dehydrator. Unfortunately, this oven, like the Ambiano counter top oven which I have or the Instant Pot countertop oven, is not built to hold the typical 5+ lb chicken from Sam’s or Costco. The picture you chose shows the rotisserie function but they’re so under engineered for that it’s a joke.

    • That’s helpful. I’ve added a link to the BELLA Air Fryer.

    • You ain’t kidding. It doesn’t even hold a 4lb. Chicken.

      • Totally agree with you, Tracy. I’ve tried my best to cook even a 3.5 chicken on the rotisserie and it never worked. To me, the problem is the “clamps” at each end that you slide in to hold the chicken as it turns. Those clamps have only 2 prongs. They need to have at least 3 prongs to hold the chicken during cooking. The problem is that when you start rotissering with the chicken everything is all nice and tight on the spike. But the chicken shrinks as it cooks and then the clamps are no longer keeping the chicken balanced on the spike. IMO, the Costco rotisserie chickens are a better value and alot less of a headache. BTW, every air fryer with rotisserie that I’ve looked at has the same 2 spike clamps. What the heck, engineers?

    • Re the 14264, this unit is not designed to rotate anything having a greatest diameter of slightly more than 4-1/2″ (which precludes ANY whole chickens sold at Aldi, Meijer, Walmart, Kroger, etc) despite the main graphics (most likely photoshopped after mfr’s Marketing dept realized Engineering screwed up by not properly centering rotation axis) showing a whole chicken being rotisseried. It’s not a pheasant in the graphics, is it possibly a pygmy chicken? Aldi should require mfr to cover over main graphics with a notice: Will not rotate commonly available whole chickens.

    • I agree with you about the poor performance for attempting a chicken on the rotisserie. I have tried many times to do a rotisserie chicken on the Ambiano. It has never worked. You have to get a very small chicken, about 3 lbs. The problem is with the prongs on the skewer. As the chicken cooks, it shrinks and then the prongs do not hold the chicken in place. Other than the rotisserie feature, the Ambiano works great.

  2. For what it’s worth, I’m not experiencing the issues with the trays that people are complaining about re: the Bella air fryer. I haven’t thrown a bird in there or anything yet, but I’ll give it a shot this weekend and see how it goes. It seems “fine”, but this is my first air fryer/rotisserie.

    • I have not tried the rotisserie yet but I love the air fryer oven so far. I have made fries. Empanadas, roasted vegetables, chicken drumsticks and salmon.

      • I’ve had this air fryer for just under a year. And it stopped working yesterday. It was gifted to me, brand new, and I didn’t get the receipt. If you don’t hold onto your receipt for the warranty don’t get this. I lived mine and used it often. Its even easy enough for the kids to use. But only lasting a year????

        • This sucks. Would the warranty have replaced it if you had the receipt? I’m asking because my mom just bought me one and im worried about it

        • Hi Michelle, yes, in my experience this air fryer lasts about a year. And Ambiano support will not even speak to you unless you can produce the receipt. Last month the entire face of the electronics came falling down. A small plastic piece had broken. Too bad for me because I did not think to save the receipt when I bought it. So we duct-taped it back up and using it. Looks terrible but I don’t feel like dishing out another 100+bucks at this time.

  3. It’s not exactly a rebranded Bella…the Bella doesn’t have a rotation drum basket, and has one less crisping tray than the Ambiano. If nothing else, from a price perspective, the Ambiano is a better deal. I’m definitely excited about the drum basket!

  4. Been hearing so much about air fryers, so I stopped into Aldi just today and picked up the Ambiano Power Air Fryer Oven. (BTW, it’s marked down to $49.99 right now!!). Excited to see what the fuss is about. Will report with an update once I’ve given it a go.

  5. I just used mine for the 1st time. I made chicken strips. I was skeptical but pleasantly surprised at the crunchy texture (I used egg, seasoned flour, egg, parmesan panko) I cooked mine fur 2mibs longer than recommended. I also flipped the chicken 1/2 thru. It was super easy and minimal mess. Tonight will practice with homemade egg rolls and crab Rangoon. Wish me luck.

  6. Yes, I just received this air fryer/rotisserie. Unfortunately the instructions must’ve been scooped up and thrown away during the Christmas aftermath. Do you know where I can find a manual? I have been looking online for about an hour now, and found every model Ambiano makes except for this one! Any help would be appreciated. I am a chef by trade, and would love to experiment and leave a review, but I have never handled a air fryer before, and dont want to damage it through misuse etc! If I understand correctly, I can use this as a dehydrator as well? I cant wait to try this out, so far I just par baked some hashbrowns, but am weary of using it without proper instructions !

  7. You could also try contacting Aldi directly. They may be able to help:

  8. Just got one today at aldi, i cant wait to try it. This is my first air fryer, I will be giving a feedback.

  9. Joseph M. Chiappetta

    Whoever mentioned “Bella” is technically correct. The “Ambiano” brand is made in China for ALDI’s by Sensio Brands (you can check out their website at They also make the aforementioned Bella, Crux (Macy’s), Chefbuilt, Kitchen Smith, etc.

    I just grabbed this air fryer at local ALDI’s, made couple of things. So far so good. Easy to use, easy to clean. Manual is pretty lame, you’ll need some patience, and adventurous spirit to get going.

  10. I love this air fryer so far! I can make 24 wing dings at a time. They are crispy. I season them with seasoned salt, pepper and garlic power and dust in flour. Cook on 400 for 23 minutes on the 2 racks then take out and add sauce or eat plain. I’ve used the basket for hand cut fries, delicious! They are on clearance for 59.99, picked up 3 for family members today.

  11. So far so good on mine. I’ve used it for dehydration, air frying fresh foods, air frying frozen foods, and convection baking various things.

    All-in-all, it’s earned its real estate on my countertop. I have yet to rotisserie, but from the size of this thing, there’s ZERO chance there is room for a 4-5 pound chicken in there, but odds are good the spit would support the weight.

    I might make a small roast this weekend to test it out.

    • I have a 6 qt Farberware AFO and I can do a 5 pound chicken in the rotating basket BUT I have to sit the drip/baking tray on the floor of the oven instead of the bottom rack to allow the basket to rotate. Have you had any issues with the trays falling off the rack edging ? My Aldi has a few on the shelf and I was considering grabbing one as a backup but not liking what I read about the trays not holding in the Bella review 🙁 Is this Ambiano AFO really 17″ tall?

      • I didn’t measure it before I came upstairs, but it’s fairly big. The trays are nowhere near falling off the guides in the Ambiano.

        • I purchased one and will have to contact customer service – the drip/bake pan does not stay on the track – about 1/8″ too small to hold 🙁 Wish those bottom heating elements were spaced further apart but there’s only so much room 🙂 Otherwise, I love the end results of foods I’ve cooked so far 🙂

          • Hi the drip pan goes at the VERY BUTTOM of the are fryer UNDER THE 2 HEATING ELEMENTS. it slides right in . I love mine 99.999%

  12. Hi Josh. Great concept but I’m afraid I missed your actual review. Did you use the product and review it? Thanks.

  13. so just to clarify, the drip pan goes UNDER the heating elements???? so won’t the heating elements get cruddy?

  14. Clean up a breeza, I use air fryer liners, amazon, ebay

  15. I have the small air fryer (Ambiano) with rotisserie, and it works great. However, I haven’t figured how to tell how to know when it’s at temperature for cooking.

  16. While cooking it smokes outside the fryer and smells up the kitchen..why???

  17. Just got one of these, and I’m thinking that while it looks a little more like the Ambiano, it’s accessories are closer to the Instant Pot Vortex Plus:

  18. I love my ambiano air fryer from Aldi. I have bee using it for several months now with no problems at all. Does a great job and easy clean up. I wish I could find more for my daughters.

  19. I feel the same way, I purchased 2 for myself and about 10 more for friends/family.

  20. mine literally fell apart at 6 months old ……the control panel literally fell off …..other than that it seem to work well but not super happy with the falling apart ….. upgraded to a Cuisinart

    • We’ve had the Ambiano for several years. Yesterday the control panel fell off of ours. We determined that there were 3 plastic pieces that hold the panel in place and those pieces broke. There is supposed to be a 3 year warranty on the machine. Unfortunately, we did not save our receipt.

    • Yep, that is exactly what happened to mine after about 9 months. We duct taped it back up and so far it is still working.

  21. I’ve had this air fryer for just under a year. And it stopped working yesterday. It was gifted to me, brand new, and I didn’t get the receipt. If you don’t hold onto your receipt for the warranty don’t get this. I lived mine and used it often. Its even easy enough for the kids to use. But only lasting a year????

  22. I just got one of these and it works very well so far. As far as manufacturer, it does say on the box to contact Kaloric with any warranty issues…..

  23. I have the Ambiano air fryer, fairly new. I’ve only used it once. having trouble with the menu button changing to anything other than chicken. It just won’t switch..

  24. Just got my daughter one for 31.99. Anniversary present

  25. Yes, it’s terrible, it smokes and the parts are definitely NOT non-stick. It’s also big, cumbersome and takes up too much counter space.

    Do not get this, I don’t have the box anymore, it’s going directly to recycling bin.

    Also, My Showtime Rotisserie I’ve owned for over 10 years does a much better job, you can find them at times, BRAND NEW at Thrift Goodwill for like 25 bucks.

    Buy comparison, the little tiny air fryer by Ambiano at Aldi works great and is perfect for 2-4 people.

    • Smokeless Joe Again

      Remember we are talking about the one that looks like a toaster oven, not the tubular one.

      I Agree, the one that is supposed to do Air Frying AND Rotisserie AND Baking AND Broiling sucks BIG TIME

      The little one looks better and just stick to showtime rotisserie for chicken, et al, and you’re bbq grill for steaks and burgers…although I have cooked burgers in the Little Ambiano, NOT THE BIG ONE

  26. Got this at Aldi about a year ago. The glass door exploded all over the kitchen tonight for no apparent reason in the middle of cooking a steak.

  27. Bought mine in July 21 & absolutely love it. Cooks well, easy to clean, & spacious enough to cook everything for a meal. BUT it has just developed a problem in that closing the door fails to allow the operating button to start up the screen. Can’t see any obvious part failure. Will be very disappointed to take it back if we can’t figure out a non-invasive fix. Anyone else having this issue?

  28. I just received mine that someone gifted to me and and it did not come with not come with any type of rotisserie accessories or a baking tray Yet it’s supposed to ? Is there a way to get those extra accessories?

  29. How do you shut it off if you pull the food out before the timer goes off? I have been taking the food out and putting the timer down to 1 minute and letting it run out with no food in the oven.

  30. Hold the power button

  31. Ours finally quit working this week. Bought it in 2019. Just quit.

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