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Last Updated on April 3, 2024

EDITOR’S NOTE 1: Updated for 2024. 

EDITOR’S NOTE 2: Aldi sometimes sells a mini version of this greenhouse, which you can read about here

We’re huge fans of Aldi’s gardening supplies. We’ve written plenty about Aldi’s gardening products, including raised beds, trellises, plant stands, live plants, hoses, nozzles, fairy garden kits, and more. Some of our favorite Aldi products are their greenhouses. We own both the Gardenline 4-Tier Greenhouse and the larger Gardenline Walk-In Greenhouse, and they’re useful for getting an earlier start on the growing season and protecting tender seedlings from pests.

This spring, Aldi introduced a new type of greenhouse we’ve never seen them sell before: the Gardenline Drop-Over Greenhouse.

What We Know:

The Gardenline Drop-Over Greenhouse (product code 90079 in 2020; Product Code: 829934 in 2024) sold for $24.99 in April of 2024, June of 2022, and May of 2021. That’s $5 more than the $19.99 it sold for in April of 2020.

This is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a short time. If you miss it, you’ll have to wait until it returns the following year. You can’t order it online if it’s sold out at your local store.

The Drop-Over Greenhouse measures 4.5′ x 4.5′ and stands 3 feet tall. It assembles without the need for any tools. This greenhouse, as its name indicates, can be placed or dropped directly over a flower bed or a low raised bed. In that aspect, it is different from Aldi’s other greenhouses that are tall with several shelves for growing plants in pots. Which greenhouse will work best for you depends on how you want to garden.

The Drop-Over Greenhouse’s plastic tarp appears to be identical to what is used in Aldi’s other taller greenhouses. It’s not going to keep things warm enough for year-round gardening in extreme temperatures, but it might be enough to help you get your garden started a couple of weeks early. The tarp can also offer some protection in the form of a barrier for tender seedlings against digging squirrels or nibbling rabbits, until the plants get a little bigger and tougher and are less appealing to critters.

The Drop-Over Greenhouse’s features include:

  • Ability to protect garden from pests and weather
  • No-tool assembly
  • Roll-up flap with zips and ties for access and ventilation

We’re not sure exactly who makes this Drop-Over greenhouse, but the garden supply company Frame It All, which provides warranty service for the Gardenline Raised Garden Bed we purchased from Aldi a few years ago, sells a similar but not identical drop-over greenhouse for $49.99 that is 4′ by 4′ and is 36 inches tall at its peak. We can’t say for certain, but since we know Aldi has partnered with Frame It All in the past, we would not be surprised if the new Drop-Over Greenhouse is manufactured by the same company.

What We Don’t Know:

We have not tried the Gardenline Drop-Over Greenhouse, so we can’t speak to how well it works. However, given that it’s similar to other greenhouses Aldi sells that we use each year, we think it’s probably a useful tool for home gardeners. We don’t know if this greenhouse comes with a warranty, but the other greenhouses Aldi sells have warranties, so it’s possible this one does, too. We write open threads so readers can discuss Aldi products.

Do you have experience with the Gardenline Drop-Over Greenhouse? Tell us what you think about it in the comments. 

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  1. I purchased and built this little greenhouse today as we have a cold spell coming. I made it 4′ x 2′ instead of the 4′ x 4′ in order to put it on my deck. I liked the flexibility to reduce the size. Just be aware that if you reduce the size, the plastic cover does not fit tightly. The structure was a bit wobbly after I first put it together but I gave everything a good tap and it’s now pretty solid. The flap that roles up could use a few more Velcro tabs to keep it shut – I will sew some on later. I don’t plan to use this throughout the winter so this should hold up for many years. I’m glad I purchased it, especially at $19.99.

  2. I have the open thread garden line greenhouse but do not have the assembly instructions. Can someone please send them to me?? Thanks you if you can help!

    • Dana N Olathe KS

      Same issue here… I have reassembled this stupid thing a thousand times… aggravating… no trouble tho with the 3-Tier standing version… very pleased with it.

    • Start at bottom. Connect two of the long pieces with a connector,
      Make 4 of these for the bottom. Make the bottom using the light grey 3 way connectors. They have a small round place on bottom that rest on the ground.
      Add 4 of the small pieces, one at each corner. Add a three way connector at the top of each.. make a side rail for each side using two of the long pieces connected together.
      Add the four curved pieces to the top of these. The small bend will be connected first with the long end connected to the other 3 way connector. make your final foot support using the last two long priced connected together. Add this to the aforementioned 3 way connector.

    • Final top support not foot😇

  3. Bought 2 of these at the store one was good the other was packaged wrong and had 2 of one type of connector rather then the straight ones I needed.Ill have to call the customer support # to see if the can get me the part I need hopefully.Otherwise I may try to find something that may work since it’s the straight connectors.The good one seems decent for 19.99.

    • Do you still have the instructions for assembly?? We are trying to figure out how to reassemble without our missing instructions, and it’s not going well!!

  4. In which country is this review based on re: currency and sales period? Thanks!

  5. Need the instructions for re-assembly
    [email redacted by moderator]
    Thanks in advance

  6. Does this need to be taken down in zone 6 for the winter? Will it withstand cold and snow?

    • I live in zone 6 and don’t have this exact greenhouse, but I have the walk-in and 3-tier models that are made with similar materials. I have left the frames up for the winter so I wouldn’t have to reassemble them in the spring, and I stored the plastic tarps/covers to help them last longer.

    • I left mine up for too long in the winter and the weight of the snow bent the straight connectors on the front and back and center top bars. I noticed that the Frame-it-All drop over greenhouse has center support bars and uses a t-connector in the middle of the front and back horizontal bars. Wish the Gardenline version had that too.

  7. Bought the mini drop over after winter last year and just now putting it together. All OK except the loop and hook straps are not properly done. The loop section is on the outside and the hook is on the inside so NO WAY to use them to secure the cover

  8. Seems it’s been longer than 4 years, maybe 5-6, since I bought this product from Aldi? So anyway, this little green house has been one of those “really smart purchases”. It has been put to use every year from around mid March through about mid-June, and still going strong. I live in Minnesota, zone4 recently changed to zone 5. As long as this thing is in full sun location, you can have plants growing & flourishing inside this green house even if theres still some snow on the ground or some frigid nights
    I like to set it up over an area of black dirt, composted leaves ,or even inside of a raised garden bed. The secret is in “full sun”, Iet it set empty foe 2-3 days, all zipped up. The dark ground helps absorb and retain heat for the over nights. If there is an occassional really cold night forecast , I just throw a tarp or quilt over green house over night
    I start a lot of garden seeds and cuttings indoors until true leaves appear, then out to green house for a month or 2. I just LOVE this little geen house, it’s a real “work horse”for an amazing price.

  9. This is returning to Aldi the week of April 10th, 2024.

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