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Last Updated on August 30, 2020

EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated for 2020.

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Aldi has forayed into the furniture market in the past, selling writing desks, folding desks, shelving, and even chairs and futons. To the best of our knowledge, we don’t think Aldi has sold any type of wooden indoor-use cabinet before, so it was a pleasant surprise to see one in Aldi’s weekly ad in September of 2019. The “teal cabinet,” as customers called it, was in high demand with customers, so Aldi brought it back in September of 2020.

What We Know:

SOHL Furniture Accent Cabinet

The SOHL Furniture Accent Cabinet (Product Code: 58593) sold for $69.99 in September of 2019 and again in 2020. This is far less than any teal accent cabinets we could find online, either on Amazon or on places like Target or Walmart.

The cabinet comes in a blue / teal color and features two glass-fronted doors criss-crossed with a wooden lattice. It measures 31″ x 31.5″ x 13.7″ and the shelf measures 11″ D x 29″ W. It’s not large; not even coming to waist height next to a typical adult, so it’s not going to have the storage capacity of a full-sized china cabinet or hutch. Still, it looks like a good option for storing a few pieces of serving ware, decor, or books. (I might be partial to using it for cookbook storage, if the shelves can handle that much weight.)

The cabinet comes with a two-year warranty, serviced by Fulfillment Services USA. We know this company well, as we had a drawn-out, generally lousy experience with them over our SOHL Furniture Writing Desk. We’ve found them to be unresponsive and hard to deal with (we had to enlist Aldi for help), so if you’re having problems with this cabinet, you may have to deal with them yourself.

What We Don’t Know:

While we know who services the warranty, we don’t know who makes the cabinet. Also, we don’t know how easily it assembles or how sturdy the finished product is, and we don’t know what the weight limit per shelf is.

Do you have experience with Aldi’s SOHL Furniture Accent Cabinet? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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  1. I just bought this accent cabinet yesterday at Aldis.It was well boxed and all the pieces were there.It took awhile for me to put it together and that was the only negative I have about it.It is absolutely beautiful and looks great in my living room

  2. I bought this product 9/11/19 and have not been able to fully assemble. The inside lip of the bottom shelf (not visible in picture with closed cabinets doors) sits too far forward not allowing the glass cabinet doors to fully close. We have called and emailed the support number provided and have not received assistance. We did not receive a callback when we left a voicemail. We did receive a response to our email asking for the part number which we had already provided within our email to the company. Extremely disappointed in the customer service from this company and it is unlikely that we will buy another SOHL Furniture product in the future.

    • Our experience with that warranty company has also been pretty terrible — we had to seek out Aldi to help us pressure the warranty company before the warranty company would do anything. I’m very sorry that you’ve had to deal with this, too.

    • I bought this cabinet also and the hinges aren’t right for the doors to close. Very disappointed.

      • I bought mine in 2019 and I finally moved and I am putting it together and the hinges seem to not be the ones for this product. Lovely cabinet but it’s a pain in the ass to assemble with the wrong parts provided.

    • You can go to the Aldi store you purchased it at and they’ll help you

    • You need to review the instructions, you do not have it assembled correctly. These cabinets are made in assembly line fashion with jigs, mine is correct, there would not be any fluctuation in these units.

    • It looks like the lip of the cabinet was put into the jig upside and it appears as others are having the same issue. I’m assuming a batch was just put through the machinary facing the wrong way and after more than 2 weeks of repeated attempts to reach the company I have not had any success getting this resolved. I’ll be disassembling and returning to ALDI this weekend. Very disappointing.

    • I had the same issue. The cabinet does not close and one of my knobs does not work with the screw provided

  3. I just open the box and all the component parts are missing. Very frustrating. I did contact about obtaining the parts. If no help I will just return it to the ALDI here. Very disappointed.

  4. I love this cabinet! The quality of it is way better than I would have ever imagined for $70. It was simple to put together and all of the pieces were there. I’m trying to decide if I need another!

  5. We just purchased this Accent Cabinet from ALDI yesterday Sept 14. This morning we were going to put it together and noticed that the two sides were the same. They were marked #3 & #4 but they were both #3. Returned it to ALDI today for a refund. Wife was disappointed.

  6. I just assembled the cabinet and it took a while but I was eventually sucessful. The instructions could have been more detailed so it probably took me longer to assemble than it should have. Needed a Phillips screwdriver. Only real complaint is that the back panel is two pieces, taped together, and the color doesn’t match between the panels. Hoping once I put things in the cabinet, no one will be able to see the difference. All in all, for $70, a very good cabinet that looks great! No regrets.

  7. I took everything out of the Box in there are no instructions now what?

  8. I can’t see how the doors would fit, does the bottom piece with the lip on it face up or down? It looked like the lip should be up, but then the doors won’t fit.. Help?

  9. I can’t see how the doors would fit, does the bottom piece with the lip on it face up or down? Help?

  10. We purchased this cabinet but when we opened the box the top piece was broken. Called and emailed the number, as instructed, but no one responded to our voicemails or emails. Terrible customer service. We’re returning it to the store today.

  11. Help I have a Bolt No Idea how this works number B.

  12. Received 2 #4 side pieces and not the #3 side piece. Have called and left several messages but no response. Email address doesn’t work. Will probably be returning to Aldi for a refund. Too bad as it looked like a nice cabinet. I see above somebody received 2 #3’s and no #4 (that person must have packed this one as well)…..

  13. Bought this cabinet on September 10, 2020 and put it together today. All the parts were there but no instructions. My husband and I worked on it together and had it up and ready to use in about a half an hour. Fun project and puzzle to fit. Love the end product sturdy and functional.

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