The Simplified Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer: Christmas 2023 Edition

Last Updated on December 22, 2023

The Simplified Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer

Trader Joe’s — which is Aldi’s cousin — publishes a thorough and entertaining Fearless Flyer around holidays such as Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, and at other times of year, including in the summerlate summer, the back-to-school season, and fall.

But the Fearless Flyer can be a long read. What if all you want is a simple list of TJ’s upcoming products? We can help with that. Keep in mind that many of these are limited-time products, either during the season or while supplies last.

This is the Christmas 2023 version of the Fearless Flyer.

Holiday Decor and Home Goods:

  • 22” Pine Cone Wreath, $11.99. Made with fir boughs and pinecones.
  • Trader Joe’s Crackling Red Fruits in the Forest Scented Candle, $9.99 for an 11.28-ounce soy-based candle. Features notes of pomegranate, plum, raspberry, and cedar.
  • Seasonal flowers and plants, see prices in store. Choices may include poinsettias,
    Amaryllis, garlands, roses, and more. Read our post about Trader Joe’s houseplants here.


  • Trader Joe’s Organic Pitted Medjool Dates, $6.49 for 12 oz.
  • Holiday Vegetable Hash, $4.99 for 18 oz. Sold refrigerated. Contains diced butternut squash, sweet potato, red onion, celery, parsley, sage, and rosemary. Good for roasting, sautéing, or using as a mirepoix.
  • Josie’s Mandarins, $3.49 for a 32-oz. bag.

Brunch / Appetizers:

  • Trader Joe’s Organic Jumbo Cinnamon Rolls with Vanilla Icing, $4.99 for 17.5 oz. Contains five rolls and an icing packet in a refrigerated tube.
  • Trader Joe’s Mini Quiche Duo, $4.79 for 8.9 oz. Features six Mushroom & Swiss Cheese Mini Quiches and six smoky and lightly jammy Uncured Bacon & Sweet Onion Mini Quiches. Sold frozen.
  • Trader Joe’s Shrimp Pouches of Many Colors, $4.29 for 8.46 oz. Sold frozen. Each colorful wrapper contains shrimp, ginger, onion, garlic, and sesame oil.
  • Trader Joe’s Sliced Prosciutto, $3.99 for 4 oz.
  • Trader Joe’s Fried Olive Bites, $4.79 for 8 oz. Sold frozen. Features Castelvetrano olives and Kalamatas, pitted and finely chopped, then mixed and bound together, creating a kind of olive “dough,” according to Trader Joe’s, that envelops a mix of mascarpone, Roquefort, and cream cheeses. It’s all lightly battered, rolled in panko breadcrumbs, and fried.
  • Blue Cheese Stuffed Chalkidiki Olives, $5.99 for 22.9 oz.
  • Trader Joe’s Olive Fougasse, $3.49 for 12 oz. Stocked on the bakery rack. This bread features a crisp crust and light, airy interior with slices of Kalamata and black olives. Serve on its own or with butter or oil.
  • Trader Joe’s Jumbo Pitted Greek Kalamata Olives, $2.99 for 6.5 oz.
  • Trader Joe’s Bacalhau Tartelettes, $4.99 for 9.3 oz. Sold frozen. Features a crust with a creamy filling made with bechamel, egg yolks, diced potato, salted cod, onion ,and garlic, with hints of nutmeg and piri piri chilis.


  • Trader Joe’s Dolce Creamy Gorgonzola Style Cheese, $4.99 for 8 oz.
  • Trader Joe’s Italian Truffle Cheese, $13.99 per pound. Sold in random weight pieces of about 8 oz. each. A young cheese featuring concentrated truffle oil and black truffle pieces.
  • Trader Joe’s Figgy Cheddar, $10.99 per pound. Sold in random weight wedges. Features mild cheddar with mini–Spanish figs marinated in white wine, rum, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, fennel, nutmeg, and cloves.


  • Trader Joe’s Atlantic Salmon Fillets, $10.99 per pound, or $9.99 per pound in some regions. Sold refrigerated. Bake with Trader Joe’s Salmon Rub.
  • Trader Joe’s Uncured Bacon Wrapped Porchetta Pork Roast, $9.99 per pound. Each roast weighs about 2.5 pounds. Seasoned with garlic, sage, oregano, rosemary, and lemon.
  • Trader Joe’s Family Style Meat Lasagna, $6.99 for 2 pounds. Sold frozen. Read our review here.
  • Trader Joe’s Panoply of Organic Italian Pasta, $9.99 for 35.27 oz. Giftable box contains five individual bags, each containing a different bronze-die extruded shape: Striped Farfalline, Striped Papillon, Lemon Flavored Torchietti, Striped Fischietti, and Ortolana Creste di Gallo. Box includes suggested cook times for each noodle type.


  • Trader Joe’s Onion Confit Swirls, $2.49 for 2.64 oz. Stocked in the snack aisle. Onions are cooked with balsamic vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, and garlic powder, then rolled into a puff pastry along with some Emmental cheese.
  • Trader Joe’s Scalloped Cracker Trio, $3.99 for 16.4 oz. Flavored in three styles—garlic, rosemary, and spicy chili.
  • Trader Joe’s Step Up to the Snack Bar Mix, $5.99 for 12 oz. Includes honey mustard pretzel pieces, chili lemon corn sticks, honey roasted peanuts, and Trader Joe’s Cheddar Rocket Crackers.
  • Trader Joe’s Stepping It Up Spicy Snack Bar Mix, $5.99 for 11.5 oz. Includes sweet jalapeño pretzel pieces, spicy cheese corn sticks, spiced chile almonds, and crispy chile lemon corn nuggets.

Baking Supplies and Mixes:

  • Trader Joe’s Peppermint Flavored Baking Chips, $2.99 for 10 oz.
  • Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Bun Inspired Pancake & Waffle Mix, $3.99 for 16 oz.


  • Trader Joe’s Jingle Jangle, $9.99 for a 22.7-oz. tin. Features mini pretzels covered with milk chocolate and dark chocolate, drizzled with white chocolate; dark chocolate-covered caramel popcorn; dark chocolate-covered broken Joe-Joe’s cookies; milk chocolate gems with a red candy coating; and milk & dark chocolate mini peanut butter cups.
  • Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Stars, $4.99 for 16 oz. Features crunchy, star-shaped shortbread cookies covered in rich dark chocolate and sprinkled with tiny white non-pareils. Serve with ice cream or hot cocoa.
  • Trader Joe’s Gingerbread House Kit, $8.99 for 26.4 oz. Includes house pieces, candy, icing, and a sugar owl, deer, squirrel, and fox.
  • Trader Joe’s Pretzel Bread Pudding with Salted Caramel Sauce, $4.49 for 7.6 oz. Features soft, salty, pretzel pieces baked in a traditional egg custard and covered with salted caramel sauce. Heat the bread pudding in the microwave or oven, flip the cup over onto a plate, and the caramel bottom becomes the top and melts over the pudding. Sold frozen.
  • Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s, $3.99 for 16 oz. Like TJ’s original Chocolate Vanilla Creme Joe-Joe’s cookies, but the vanilla-creme filling includes crushed candy canes.
  • Trader Joe’s Apple Crumble Pie, $7.99 for 27.16 oz. Stocked among the baked goods.
  • Trader Joe’s Belgian Cookie Collections, $10.99 for 35.2 oz. European biscuit collection includes chocolate-enrobed cocoa cream wafers; chocolate-dipped shortbreads; and other crunchy, crumbly cookies drizzled or coated in Belgian chocolate. Each tin contains about 100 cookies.
  • Trader Joe’s Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream, $4.99 for 6.8 oz. Features chewy chocolate-flavored rice dough over chocolate ice cream. Read our review of other TJ’s mochi here.
  • Trader Joe’s Cranberry Butter Cookies, $2.99 for 4.93 oz.
  • Trader Joe’s Cookie Mug Hangers, $2.99 for 5.47 oz. These gingerbread person-shaped, cinnamon-spiced cookies are designed to hang on the edge of a mug. Perfect for dipping in egg nog, coffee, milk, or tea. Aldi sells similar mug topper cookies at this time of year.
  • Trader Joe’s Mini Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti, $4.49 for 9 oz. Each tub contains 16 biscotti. Lightly sweet, twice-baked cookies great for dipping in coffee or tea.
  • Trader Joe’s Gingerbread Ice Cream, $3.79 for 1 pint. Features premium ginger-spiced ice cream, bite-sized pieces of TJ’s Triple Ginger Snaps (the same ones you’ll find in the TJ’s cookie aisle), and a gingerbread swirl.
  • Trader Joe’s Pecan Pie, $8.99 for 24 oz. Stocked in the bakery section.
  • Trader Joe’s Astounding Multi-Flavor Joe-Joe’s, $7.99 for 21 oz. Chocolate-enrobed sandwich cookies in the following flavors: Double Chocolate, Peppermint, Peanut Butter, and Vanilla Ginger.
  • Trader Joe’s Astounding Multi-Flavor Mini Pretzels, $7.99 for 16 oz. Features candy-coated, bite-sized pretzels in several flavors: Coffee Candy, topped with a dark chocolatey drizzle; Peanut Butter Candy, topped with crumbled Joe-Joe’s and tiny, colorful, chocolate gems; Dark Chocolate, with bits of peppermint candy; and Milk Chocolate, dotted with a crunchy multi-colored nonpareils.
  • Trader Joe’s Vegan Gingerbread Loaf, $4.99 for 15 oz.


  • Trader Joe’s Taste Test of Caramels, $6.99 for 6.3 oz. Contains twelve square caramels covered in dark chocolate, including Double Espresso, Fig & Honey, Hot Chili, Maple, Caramel Mousse, Salted Torte, Gingerbread, Pear & Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Passion Fruit, Crème Brûlée, and Salted Lavender.
  • Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cremes, $3.99 for 7 oz. Features a sweet, creamy peppermint filling, a dark chocolate coating, and crushed candy cane on top.
  • Trader Joe’s Mini Peppermint Meringues, $2.99 for 4 oz. Featuring cane sugar, egg whites, and peppermint candy pieces.
  • Trader Joe’s Milk Chocolate Rondos with Caramelized Pecan Crunch or Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Rondos Sprinkled with Raspberry & Strawberry & Tart Cherry, $4.99 for 7.04 oz. A disc of chocolate with bits of dried fruit or candied nuts.
  • Trader Joe’s Scandinavian Tidings, $3.49 for 14 oz. Similar to Scandinavian Swimmers, these fruity gummy candies come in holiday shapes.
  • Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Collection, $7.99 for 8.11 oz. An assortment of 16 dark chocolates, with fillings including Key Lime Pie, Coconut Crumble, and Salted Caramel.


  • Trader Joe’s Something Spritzy, $1.99 for a 12-fluid-oz. can. Features grapefruit, cranberry, and orange juices from concentrate, with aromatic bitter flavors.
  • Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Bun-Flavored Non-Dairy Oat Creamer, $1.99 for 16 fluid oz. Sold refrigerated.
  • Trader Joe’s Chocolate Hazelnut Ground Coffee, $6.99 for 12 oz.
  • Trader Joe’s Winter Wassail Punch, $4.99 for 64 fluid oz. A fruit punch featuring black currant, apple, cherry, and lemon juices; with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger, and orange peel. Serve chilled, over ice, or warm in a mug with a cinnamon stick. Or serve mulled with red wine. Read our review here.
  • Trader Joe’s Egg Nog or Trader Joe’s Light Egg Nog, $2.99 for 32 oz. Sold refrigerated.


(Not available at all locations. Prices may vary by location.)

  • L’Éclat Blanc de Blancs or Rosé, $14.99 for 1.5L.
  • Trader Joe’s Platinum Reserve Sonoma Brut or Trader Joe’s Platinum Reserve Sonoma County Brut Rosé, $14.99 for 750mL.
  • Hark and Holly Glühwein, $6.99 for 1L.
  • Trader Joe’s Gran Reserva Maule Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Lot 121, $12.99 for 750mL.
  • Trader Joe’s Cocoa Cream Liqueur or Trader Joe’s Peppermint Joe-Joe’s Cream Liqueur, $8.99 for 750mL.
  • Trader Joe’s Cocoa Cream Wine Cocktail or Trader Joe’s Peppermint Joe-Joe’s Wine Cocktail, $7.99 for 750mL.
  • Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale, $5.99 for 750mL.

Personal Care:

  • Trader Joe’s Shimmering Candy Cane Body Butter, $5.99 for 8 oz.
  • Trader Joe’s Gummy Bear Flavored Lip Duo, $6.99. Includes one tube of Lip Balm Butter and one pot of Overnight Lip Mask.
  • Trader Joe’s Body Butter Trio, $7.99 for 9 oz. Scents include Lavender Santal, White Gardenia, and Pineapple Bergamot.

Pet Products:

  • Trader Joe’s Happy Paw-lidays Peanut Butter & Vanilla Flavored Dog Treats, $1.99 for 3 oz.

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  1. The Trader Joes Vintage Ale was pulled from the shelves by the store for “quality issues”. Any details?

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