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I start almost every day with a cup of hot tea. It’s a relaxing routine that comes with some healthful benefits. I like a bit of variety in my tea choices, and while Aldi does not sell any teas that are very exotic (outside of a few limited-time ALDI Finds and some seasonal Special Buys), they’ve got a decent selection that includes a few green teas, some herbal teas like peppermint tea and chamomile tea, as well as a traditional English Breakfast tea. Aldi also sells a bargain black tea in a bulk box with 100 tea bags.

All the teas have directions for serving both hot and iced tea. So grab a mug, or a tall glass, and let’s look at the choices.

Benner Classic Blend

Benner Tea Co. Classic Blend

This is Aldi’s basic black tea, comparable to Lipton. (The packaging even uses a similar color scheme to Lipton.) It’s by far the cheapest Aldi tea: at $1.39 for 100 tea bags at the time of publication. The taste is decent, although it doesn’t have the body of flavor that, say, English Breakfast Tea has. But if you want a simple caffeinated black tea, this is it.

Benner Original Green Tea

This is your classic green tea, which tastes similar to any other green tea on the market. (Research also shows green tea to have health benefits.) Be aware that green tea does have a small amount of caffeine.

Benner Green Tea with Lemon Flavor & Ginseng

If you like your green tea a little more exotic, this blend contains lemon grass, lemon peels, natural flavors, and ginseng root. I always like to drink green tea when I’m coming down with a cold or otherwise feeling under the weather because of its health benefits. I like to think that this green tea gets an extra health boost with the addition of lemon and ginseng. It tastes pretty good, too, with a slightly more complex flavor than the Original Green Tea.

Benner Peppermint Herbal Tea

The ingredients are simple in this herbal tea: peppermint. That’s it. This is a good refreshing tea great for any day, with the added bonus that it will help temporarily clear your sinuses if you’re sick. Trust me.

Benner Chamomile Tea

There is more than just chamomile in this herbal tea. It also contains spearmint, rose petals, lemon grass, hibiscus, blackberry leaves, peppermint, lemon balm, licorice, turmeric, and natural flavors. In the past when I’ve had chamomile tea, I never cared much for it because I thought it just tasted a lot like grass. This tea still has that distinct chamomile taste, but it has some additional flavors that make this a solid choice.

Benner English Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast Tea is my husband’s favorite tea. (Earl Gray is a close second, but Aldi does not sell it.) It is a staple for him on Saturday mornings, and he likes it black, with no sweetener added. He’s tried English Breakfast Tea from a number of brands over the years, and he reports that Benner’s version is indistinguishable from other versions. In other words, he loves it. Naturally, this tea is caffeinated.

The Verdict:

Aldi offers a variety of Regular Buy teas ranging from English Breakfast tea to several green teas, to a bulk package of basic black tea, to herbal options like chamomile tea and peppermint tea. They’re all good in our opinion. Recommended.



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  3. Is the chamomile blend tea gluten free?
    Not sure about natural flavors.

  4. The only hot beverages I drink are fruit teas. I normally alternate during the day between lemon & ginger and a berry fruit. The Diplomat lemon & ginger that I recently bought is the only brand that I have ever found to be totally unpalatable. I even tried sweetening it, but it was still undrinkable. The Diplomat berry fruit, however, is perfectly satisfactory.

  5. I purchased for the first time Benner Green Tea, Lemon Flavor & Ginseng and was disappointed to see that the individual bags were packaged in plastic. I won’t be purchasing this product again. 🙁

  6. Katelyn S. Bolds

    Have you seen them ever get Chai in?

  7. I love the pomegranate,blueberry,acai green tea. I use it to flavor my water. Is this ok. Do I still get the full affect of the tea?

  8. I found it curious that the Benner Tea company has it writen in the nutritional values that the Benner 16 ounce Black tea of zero calories is a 2 serving container, and then has a Benner 16 ounce Peach tea of 160 calories is a 1 serving container.???

  9. Hello
    Outside of the plastic bags, does anyone know about pesticides in Brenner tea? If any.

  10. Adrienne Najjar

    I like the green tea but overwhelmingly dislike the packaging. The individual cellophane envelopes are hard to open and are less environmentally acceptable that a simple paper envelope such as is used by many competitors. Please change the blasted packaging.

  11. They had some benner, sweet tea in the gallon jugs this past weekend. Which is weird, because it’s been 3 years since i had seen any gallon teas in aldis. I’m curious if they have an unsweet and a unsweet green tea(no honey) in gallon jugs?

  12. I’m staying off decaf and looking for herbal teas,do you think this tea counts as herbal…I’m new to all this !!!
    The green tea with lemon???

    • The peppermint and chamomile teas are herbal. I could be wrong, but I don’t consider green tea to be an herbal tea. Also, if you’re trying to avoid caffeine, green tea does have a small amount of caffeine.

  13. My wife and I really like this tea but we will not be buying it again until they change its packaging I followed the link the lady left in their comment to complain about it and I did we bought it 20 for 99. Cents couldn’t pass it up for that was very disappointed by the plastic bag on everyone of the teabags should have just put it on the box only

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