Belmont Cheesecake Winter Sampler

Cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts, right behind ice cream. The holidays are a great time to buy cheesecake at Aldi. The discount grocery store often sells it in several varieties during this time of year, from cheesecake bites to twin-pack slices of cheesecake. Aldi also rotates a few different flavors of whole cheesecakes into its freezer aisle. One of the more recent whole cheesecakes at Aldi was a winter sampler cheesecake.

Belmont Cheesecake Winter Sampler

The Belmont Cheesecake Winter Sampler cost $9.99 for 40 ounces at the time of publication. This particular cheesecake has four different flavors: New York Style, Chocolate Marble, Naturally Flavored Amaretto, and Raspberry Swirl. It’s found in the freezer section, and you’ll want to thaw it for 8-12 hours prior to serving.

This is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only available for a short time. Aldi does not offer online ordering for its specials after they sell out at your local store.

Belmont Cheesecake Winter Sampler

Belmont Cheesecake Winter Sampler nutrition information and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

Once the cheesecake is thawed, it should be stored in the refrigerator and should be eaten with seven days.

If you’re looking out for allergens, the cheesecakes in this sampler contain egg, milk, soy, and wheat. The amaretto cheesecake flavor also contains almonds. The cheesecake is made in a facility that also processes almonds, coconut, peanuts, pecans, and walnuts.

There are 12 slices of cheesecake in this package (three slices of each of the four flavors). A single slice (93 grams) has between 320 and 340 calories, 17-19 grams of total fat (22-24% DV), 8-9 grams of saturated fat (40-45% DV), 230-260 mg of sodium (10-11% DV), 34-36 grams of total carbohydrates (12-13% DV), 19-22 grams of added sugars (38-40% DV), and 4-5 grams of protein.

Belmont Cheesecake Winter Sampler

This is an excellent cheesecake from Aldi. The flavor variety is nice, although the less-common Amaretto was the last flavor my family got around to eating. The New York Style flavor is classic and a solid choice. So is the Chocolate Marble. The Raspberry Swirl is good, although I wished there was a little more raspberry swirl in each slice. The Amaretto is fine, too, and is topped with a generous amount of thinly sliced almonds.

I thought the crust ends were on the chewy side and slightly hard, but that was not a deal breaker.

Overall, this is a good choice if you want cheesecake and want several flavors to choose from.

The Verdict:

The Belmont Cheesecake Winter Sampler features 12 slices of cheesecake and four different flavors: New York Style, Chocolate Marble, Naturally Flavored Amaretto, and Raspberry Swirl. This is one of several good cheesecake options Aldi rotates through its freezer section during this time of year.

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  1. I really like cheesecake, too. I’d like to see more variety, including the Turtle cheesecake that’s available in the 6 oz. twin pack. This is a better buy, though. With 12 slices (larger than in the twin packs), it works out to a few dollars cheaper for more cheesecake than if you bought 6 twin packs. Make room in the freezer!

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