Aldi is Bringing the Medion 4-in-1 Pro Gaming Kit to Stores

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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Aldi ramps things up in the middle aisle during the winter holiday season. It’s not exactly a replacement for a full-on department store, but you can find Christmas gifts for a surprising number of family members if you wait long enough. From toys to tech, from clothes to calendars, Aldi carries … a lot.

The Aldi technology lineup remains one of the more interesting niches in the store, as we’ve seen lots of interesting accessories over the years. Some of those items are sold by Medion, a German subsidiary of Chinese electronics giant Lenovo. In 2021, Aldi brought one of the more ambitious electronics offerings we’ve seen in some time: a gaming kit with four components.

What We Know:

The Medion 4-in-1 Pro Gaming Kit (Product Code: 705985) is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a short time. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Aldi in the United States doesn’t sell its products online, so unless you’re lucky enough to see this product online in the United Kingdom or parts of Australia you’re out of luck.

As of the time of this post, the kit costs $79.99. Aldi sold similar (if not identical) versions of these accessories in 2020 as three separate purchases: a keyboard, a mouse and pad set, and a headset. Each was $29.99, bringing the total for all three to $89.97. That’s about $10 more than this 4-in-1 kit, so in theory this is a better value than what Aldi sold in 2020.

However, there is a lot of competition in this space. Amazon retails a number of kits much like this one, some of them less expensive for what appears to be the same basic feature set. To be sure, the Aldi set has some advantages, including an easier return policy and a 2-year warranty, but this is an instance where the Aldi product may not be the lowest price.

The 4-in-1 kit comes with the following:

  • an illuminated gaming keyboard
  • a 7-button illuminated gaming mouse
  • an illuminated mouse pad
  • an illuminated gaming headset and Y adapters

According to Aldi, the keyboard measures approximately 19.5″ x 7.95″ x 1.45″ and includes the following features:

  • 104 keys layout
  • 26 anti-ghosting keys
  • 7 multimedia keys
  • downloadable software for further configuration
  • rainbow backlight with 8 different effects
  • integrated wrist rest
  • fabric covered USB cable

The mouse comes with the following features

  • advance sensor for precise and responsive performance
  • illuminated lighting effects
  • 7 programmable keys
  • selectable DPI with four settings up to 3200 DPI
  • downloadable software for further configuration
  • braided cloth-covered USB cable

The mouse pad measures 13″ x 10″ x 0.12″ and includes the following features

  • LED illuminated border with 12 adjustable lighting modes
  • smooth micro-woven cloth surface for fast precise mouse movements
  • nonslip rubber base that provides an ideal grip even during high intensity gaming
  • rollable for easy portability or storage

According to Aldi, the headset includes the following features:

  • 3.5 mm microphone and headphone jack that is compatible with PC, MAC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices
  • custom tuned 40 mm speaker driver
  • “powerful base” [EDITOR’S NOTE: I think Aldi meant bass?]
  • in-line volume control for easy access
  • LED earcup lighting
  • plush foam earcup cushion and headband
  • 7.9′ braided cloth-covered USB cable
  • 20Hz-20kHz frequency range
  • 32 ohms impedance

What We Don’t Know:

While we have some user comments on the 2020 accessories, we have not tried out either the 2020 items or this kit, and we do not currently have plans to review the kit this year. That means we’re not sure how easily the components set up and how well they perform.

One thing I’m especially curious about is how well the downloadable software — presumably only for PCs — for the keyboard and mouse work. In theory, these should be mostly plug-and-play on PCs (and possibly even some video game consoles) but there may be some features, such as keyboard mapping, that are only accessible through the software.

Do you have experience with this gaming kit? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Catherine A. McClarey

    I was at my local Family Dollar yesterday, and they had a display of gaming keyboards, headsets and mice (but no huge mouse pads), being sold as individual components at $5-$10 each. No idea what their performance is like. (I’ve been using gaming PC accessories for several years, but the keyboard really needs cleaning. Do I buy a can of compressed air or a new gaming keyboard at about the same price? Hmmm . . .)

    • Interestingly, I was in my local Family Dollar about a week ago and also saw some of those same accessories. I had the same thought: no idea what the performance would be like. They were awfully cheap, though.

  2. Catherine A. McClarey

    I was in a Dollar General yesterday, and they had a 3-piece gaming PC accessory set (backlit keyboard, mouse, and huge mouse pad) for $25. Headset not included in the set (although DG was selling headsets separately), and once again, no idea what the performance would be like. I think I would still prefer the Family Dollar “a la carte” PC gaming accessories, though (if I were replacing those bits on my current PC), largely because I haven’t the room for a huge mouse pad on my computer desk. (I have an ergonomic mouse pad instead.)

    • I tend to think the a la carte approach, which Aldi did last year, is more attractive to consumers. I’m surprised the grocer opted for a more expensive big package — I guess time will tell if that approach pays off in sales.

  3. I saw one of these at ALDI’s on sale for $27.99. The original price was $79.99 and had a sales value between 60%-70% so I decided to buy it. It looks cool and would be over $100 if it weren’t for ALDI’s cheap prices. I have yet to use it at maximum capacity but it does have a great value considering it’s a 4-IN-1 gaming kit

  4. How do i go about installing the software for the mouse and keyboard

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