Deutsche Küche Whole Grain Mustard

Last Updated on October 12, 2021

Aldi is a grocery store that got its start in Germany, so it makes sense that a couple of times a year Aldi sells a limited-edition range of special foods imported from or inspired by Germany. Dedicated fans look forward to “German Week” with much anticipation, and favorites include schnitzel, pickles, cream cakes, and more.

In particular, German mustard varieties are a popular seller when Aldi stocks treats from Europe. Most recently, Aldi sold whole grain mustard, Bavarian sweet mustard, and Austrian beer mustard as limited-run specials. I decided to pick up some of the whole grain mustard to try.

Deutsche Kuche Whole Grain Mustard

All of the mustards, including the Deutsche Küche Whole Grain Mustard, cost $1.69 for a 12-13.3-ounce jar at the time of publication. The whole grain mustard is sold in a 12-ounce jar.

As mentioned above, these mustards are Aldi Finds, which means they’re only in stores for a short time. Aldi does not offer online ordering for its specials, so once these sell out at your local store, they’re gone until next time.

While Aldi markets the whole grain mustard under its German Deutsche Küche private label, this whole grain mustard is not actually a product of Germany. That is sometimes the case with certain Deutsche Küche products Aldi sells, including cornichons and German style pickles.

Deutsche Kuche Whole Grain Mustard

Deutsche Kuche Whole Grain Mustard nutrition information and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

Ingredients for the whole grain mustard are: water, mustard seed, distilled vinegar, salt, sugar, and white wine. This product is gluten free.

There are about 68 one-teaspoon servings in one 12-ounce jar, with one serving netting you 10 calories, 0.5 grams of total fat (1% DV), 80 mg of sodium (4% DV), less than 1 gram of total carbohydrates (0% DV), and no sugars (while sugar is listed as an ingredient, it appears to be such a small amount it doesn’t register on the nutrition label).

Deutsche Kuche Whole Grain Mustard

Deutsche Kuche Whole Grain Mustard, after we enjoyed a few spoonfuls.

This is a nice-looking mustard with visible mustard seeds or grains and a thicker texture. It has a strong mustard and vinegar scent that reminds me somewhat of horseradish. As for how this mustard tastes, it is fantastic. If the powerful smell wasn’t enough to warn you, this has a strong flavor and a little goes a long way, so be judicious in adding it to your recipes or spooning it onto your bratwurst. It definitely has the ability to clear your sinuses.

So far we’ve enjoyed this whole grain mustard on hot dogs and sandwiches, and I added a couple of spoonfuls to deviled egg filling for a perfect amount of zing. Some of our readers on Facebook also suggested this would work well as a sauce or topping for meat cuts such as pork chops, chicken breasts, or roast beef. It can also be a good burger topping or can add zest to lunchmeat sandwiches or even BLT sandwiches. The possibilities are endless.

While we don’t go through mustard quickly in our house, I am glad I picked this up because it’s surprisingly good, and I’m likely to pick it over regular mustard.

The Verdict:

Deutsche Küche Whole Grain Mustard is not imported from Germany but is sold alongside many other German products in the Aldi Deutsche Küche product line. The ingredients are simple and delicious. This mustard has a strong aroma and powerful flavor, so a little goes a long way. Perfect on sandwiches, in deviled egg filling, on burgers or hot dogs or bratwurst, or as a sauce on top of chicken, beef, or pork. Recommended.

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  1. Sounds delicious

  2. I love the mustard you get at a Deli. It tastes totally different than the “deli mustard” that French’s or any company sells. Does this Aldi mustard compare to tru deli mustard? Thanks!

  3. I love this mustard. I put it on lamb chops to cook. OMG. So I’m disappointed I haven’t found it again. When is German specialty week???

  4. Love it but cannot find it anymore at ALDIs. Where else can I order it.

    • As the post above mentions, it’s a limited-time special at Aldi, and if it isn’t currently in stock at Aldi, you’re out of luck.

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