Heart to Tail Collapsible Cat Cube Condo

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated toward the end of the post with information on how the condo has held up with use, and we bought a second condo to see if we could stack them. 

Aldi has upped its pet supplies game in recent years. Weekly ads frequently include accessories and necessities for pets, including pet beds, pet clothing, pet stairs, scratching posts, vehicle barriers, pet toys, pet treats, and more. I’m a sucker when it comes to buying comfy-looking hideouts for my elderly cat, even though she often prefers to sleep on my teen’s unmade bed rather than in any of the pet beds or cat playhouses scattered around my home. So when Aldi sold a collapsible cat condo, I bought one.

Heart to Tail Collapsible Cat Cube Condo

The Heart to Tail Collapsible Cat Cube Condo cost $24.99 at the time of publication. That price is competitive compared to similar collapsible cat cubes on the market, which started at $25 and went up from there at the time of writing. I’m not sure exactly who makes the Aldi cat condo, but it looks almost identical to a slightly larger cat condo sold on Amazon for $31 at the time of publication.

The Heart to Tail cat condo is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a short time, and Aldi will not ship it to you.

Heart to Tail Collapsible Cat Cube Condo

The cat cube condo assembled.

Here’s more information on the cat cube condo:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easily folds down to store away when not in use
  • Features a cozy hideaway with large entry
  • Includes a cushioned bed topper
  • Assembled dimensions: 16.73″ x 15″ x 17.24″
  • Maximum load-bearing capacity: 25 pounds
  • Made in China

The cat condo has several pieces. It comes with the main collapsible frame, an insert to set inside the frame, a solid top cover, a cushioned bed that goes on top of the cover, and a simple manual.

Heart to Tail Collapsible Cat Cube Condo

The cat condo disassembled, straight out of the packaging. Clockwise from upper left: the collapsible frame, the top cover and cushioned bed, and the inner insert and manual.

Assembly is easy. Simply unfold the frame and push the baseboard into the bottom of the frame. Then fit the cover over all of the edges at the top of the frame. Finally, place the cushion on top of the cover. When assembled, this is about the size of some small foldable storage ottomans I’ve seen in stores.

Heart to Tail Collapsible Cat Cube Condo

The top of the condo.

The box says to clean the cat condo using only a damp cloth. I think you could probably toss the bed cushion in the washing machine if necessary, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Heart to Tail Collapsible Cat Cube Condo

Looking straight down on the cat condo.

The cushioned bed topper that sits on top of the cover is very plush and squishy, but the cardboard insert that goes on the floor inside the cube is only covered with a thin layer of soft fabric. The fabric that covers that lower cardboard insert is removable with a piece of Velcro, making it easy to toss just that cover in the washing machine to get rid of cat fur or other messes.

Heart to Tail Collapsible Cat Cube Condo

The inside of the cat condo.

Depending on whether your cat prefers to hang out on top of the condo or inside the condo, you can place the cushioned bed inside the condo to make it more comfortable. It fits perfectly both on top and inside the condo.

Heart to Tail Collapsible Cat Cube Condo

The cat condo with the cushioned bed topper placed inside rather than on top.

This is a nice-looking cat condo, useful for cat owners who might want some cat furniture but don’t want to make it look obvious that cats have taken over their home. It has a stylish pattern on the outside and fits nicely in a corner, in front of a window, or anywhere your cat may want to hang out.

I even noticed that a similar cat cube condo sold on Amazon is stackable (they recommend positioning a stacked cat condo in a corner or against furniture for “optimal stability”). I think this Aldi cat cube condo would also work like that if you bought two units and stacked them together, but I don’t know for sure. If you try it, be careful and make sure it’s stable, and be sure to come back here and let us know how it works.

Heart to Tail Collapsible Cat Cube Condo

The Aldi Reviewer Cat with the collapsible cat cube condo.

I’m still waiting for my cat to express any real interest in this condo, and there’s never any telling whether she’ll truly like it and use it or continue to sit in our plastic shoe tray by the back door instead. She has sniffed it some and has decided it’s a good spot to scratch at with her front paws.

Heart to Tail Collapsible Cat Cube Condo

The Aldi Reviewer Cat trying to scratch the cat cube.

At least at Aldi I can purchase and try cat accessories without breaking the budget.

UPDATE (4/2/2022) — It took a few months, but the Aldi Reviewer Cat finally discovered how nice this cat condo is. I ended up leaving the cushion inside the condo, and our cat can often be found sleeping inside the condo. Maybe it wasn’t an instant hit, but this cat product has been a good purchase.

Heart to Tail Collapsible Cat Cube

Update (10/4/2022) — These collapsible condos showed back up at Aldi in September of 2022, and I bought a second one because I was curious to see if they really could be stacked. The answer is yes.

Heart to Tail Collapsible Cat Cube Condo

Older condo on the bottom, new condo on the top.

You have to jimmy the top condo into place, and it’s a snug fit, but that probably adds stability. The Aldi Reviewer Cat liked sitting on top of the whole thing, where she had a nice high perch from which to observe the world.

I ended up not leaving the condos stacked because I already own a tall cat tree (not from Aldi). Instead, I put the extra condo in the basement laundry room where The Aldi Reviewer Cat spends her nights because she is too loud and rude to stay upstairs with the sleeping humans. The condo is a nice soft spot for her to sleep, with her food and litter box not far away.

This is our most-used cat product from Aldi, with the original condo I purchased sitting near a window in our dining room, and that’s often where we find the cat snoozing. This is definitely cat approved.

The Verdict:

The Heart to Tail Collapsible Cat Cube Condo is a stylish and comfortable place for your cat to nap and chill or to perch and watch the world go by. Whether your cat will actually use it is anyone’s guess, but after allowing some time to warm up to it, our cat loves it.

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