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Aldi sells so many different kinds of hammocks, hanging chairs, and swings that I really wish we had more places in our house and in our yard to put all of them. Through the years, the grocer has periodically stocked hanging hammock chairs, boho hanging chairs, nest swings, disc swings, swurfboard swings, and more.

Most recently, Aldi has introduced a new hanging chair under its Bee Happy brand. Bee Happy is not a separate company. Instead, it’s the Aldi private label for children’s products. Other Bee Happy products Aldi has recently stocked include wooden play food sets, magnetic tiles, pogo jumpers, and activity tables.

The new Aldi hanging chair — called a hanging hideout — is similar to a hanging hammock chair but is surrounded by fabric like a tent, making it an ideal spot for kids to snuggle up with books or stuffed animals. It comes with a tree mounting kit for hanging from a sturdy tree branch, but I’m guessing this could also probably be hung from the right kind of swing set frame or even from a ceiling or deck joist if you’re handy.

What We Know:

Bee Happy Hanging Hideout

The Bee Happy Hanging Hideout (Product Code: 707057) cost $79.99 at the time of publication.

Swings, hanging chairs, or hanging tents that are similar in style to this one can range from moderately priced to very pricey. The children’s toy retailer HearthSong sells a HugglePod HangOut Nylon Hanging Tent for $199.99 at the time of writing. I also found a HearthSong branded family-sized porch swing with canopy that holds up to 600 pounds (a lot more than the Aldi one, which has a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds) for $549 on Wayfair.

On the cheaper end, I found a hanging tree tent for $87 on Amazon at the time of writing. You can find cheaper hanging tent swings, including one I spotted on Amazon for just $60, but they may be a slightly different style than the Aldi one.

So whether the Aldi hanging hideout is a good deal depends on what you’re looking for in a hanging chair of this type.

Bee Happy Hanging Hideout

Interior pocket for holding a book or small toys.

This is an Aldi Find, so it’s only in stores for a short time. Each store gets one shipment, and after it sells out, it’s gone unless Aldi brings it back at some later point. Aldi does not offer online ordering for products not in stock at your local store.

Bee Happy Hanging Hideout 2

Light string on the inside.

Here’s more information about the hanging hideout, according to Aldi:

  • Includes LED string lights, tree-mounting kit, and pump
  • This hangout swing lets your child sprawl out for some alone time or invite a friend inside for a play date
  • Built-in window allows kids to see what’s outside as they play
  • Soft and comfortable with an inflatable base (pump included)
  • Features windows and tie-back doors
  • Includes an interior pocket for holding a book or small toys
  • Upper: 27.5″; bottom: 43.3″; Height: 47.3″
  • Max. bearing weight: 220 lb.

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t tried this hanging hideout swing, so we don’t know how easily it installs or how durable it is. We also don’t yet know if this comes with any kind of warranty. We write open threads so readers can share about their experiences with Aldi products.

Did you purchase the Bee Happy Hanging Hideout? Tell us what you think of it in the comments below. 

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  1. We have had it for 2 days and the inflatable cushion has 4 holes. Children have played in it but it has not been above the weight limit.

  2. We can not no matter how hard we try, get the bottom poles into place. They are bigger then the tent! I put a work out hula hoop in its place. Also the cushion deflate constantly. We have had it less then a month

  3. This did not come with instructions for hanging does anybody have a copy of the instructions for hanging this hanging hideout

  4. Its a bit hard to build but the instructions do NOT show the installation of the big hoop.

  5. Dawala Streeter

    I had it up for about a week and my kidoe was in ,” with in weight limit, ” and the top loop ripped out of it. He slid out the door and onto the ground.

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