Simms Premium Steakhouse Recipe Steak Strips: Naturally Smoked Beef Jerky

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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Beef jerky is an indulgence. It’s expensive, so it’s not something I get very often. I might pick some up if I’m camping, or if I’m headed out for a long hike. But as an everyday snack, I just can’t justify the price.

Aldi has sold beef jerky for years. However, we recently spotted a new entry in the market.

Simms Premium Steakhouse Recipe Steak Strips: Naturally Smoked Beef Jerky

Simms Premium Steakhouse Recipe Steak Strips is an Aldi Regular Buy, which means you can find it in stores all the time. While you can find this on the room temperature store shelves, the package advises that you either consume it or refrigerate it within three days of opening. It also comes in a Cracked Pepper flavor, but we didn’t try that one.

It comes in a 10-ounce bag and costs $10.39. That equals $1.04 an ounce. For comparison, Walmart currently sells a 10-ounce beef jerky for $10.98, and all the beef jerky I can see on Amazon runs higher than that. This is as good a value on jerky as I can find. This is also one of the larger bags of jerky you’ll find at Aldi, so if you’re wanting something that the whole family can enjoy, this is generously sized.

Nutritionally, you probably know what you’re signing up for: a lot of fat and a lot of sodium. On the positive side, it does have a lot of protein, too.

Simms Premium Steakhouse Recipe Steak Strips: Naturally Smoked Beef Jerky

Nutrition information and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

Our family liked this jerky. A lot. It had a texture that wasn’t too tough, so it was easy to chew on. It also had a rich flavor that was salty and robust. The bag didn’t last long during a recent camping trip.


The Verdict:

Simms Premium Steakhouse Recipe Steak Strips are as affordable a price as I can find on beef jerky. Our family also were big fans and it didn’t last long. We approve.

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  1. I too enjoy this Jerky! However, I am disappointed on the consistency of jerky, meaning….. some pieces are nice and soft while others are rick hard! I like my jerky on the soft side so don’t really enjoy the hard ones. That said, it doesn’t last long once I open it!

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