Tuscan Garden Large Black Olives

Tuscan Garden Large Olives

Copper lid (left) and silver lid (right).

Olives are one of those things you either like or you don’t. My wife is not a fan, but I like them. (Interestingly enough, my daughter likes them, too.) I like them on a supreme pizza or in the right kind of salad, but I also like them as a simple hors d’oeuvre alongside things like cheese and crackers.

Aldi sells black olives in a can. This is not a surprise. Aldi also appears to have tweaked its olives recently, though, because there are now two subtly different olive cans on shelves. This isn’t a surprise either, as we’ve seen Aldi tweak other products, sometimes without even changing the packaging. Sometimes those tweaks are for the better, while other times they are not.

With the olives, there is definitely a clear winner and a clear loser.

First off, it’s worth noting that Tuscan Garden Large Olives are a Regular Buy, which means they’re in stores all the time. At the time of this post, they run $1.19 for a 6-ounce can, or about 20 cents an ounce. That’s about half the cost of the olives sold at our local large inventory grocery store.

Right now, Aldi is selling two slightly different cans of olives in our stores. One of them has a silver lid while the other is a copper color. We believe the copper one is the more recent of the two.

Tuscan Garden Large Olives

Copper lid (left), silver lid (right).

The cans are different in several other ways. The silver lid is listed as non-GMO certified on the outside, while the copper lid is not. The silver lid has a metal-colored interior while the copper lid has a white interior. The silver lid does not does not give a country of origin, which means it’s from the United States, while the copper label olives are a product of Greece. Nutritionally, the silver lid olives have 5mg more sodium and 1 gram of carbs.

Copper lid (left), silver lid (right).

Tuscan Garden Large Olives

Copper lid (left), silver lid (right).

This is all fine and good, but what about taste? Do they taste any different?

Yes. Yes, they do.

The silver lid olives have a thin skin that breaks easier in the mouth. They also have a lot of flavor, punctuated by a generous saltiness.

The copper lid olives, by contrast, are tougher, requiring more bite to chew into the softer middle. They’re also less salty and have generally less flavor overall.

In our home, the silver lid olives are the clear winner. The problem is that the copper lid olives appear to be the newcomer, with the silver lid olives on the way out. That’s too bad, because we thought the older model was clearly the better of the two.

The Verdict:

While the two different versions of Tuscan Garden olives look mostly the same on the outside, they have different tastes and textures. We prefer the older silver lid olives to the newer copper lid ones ourselves. The copper lid ones are palatable, but we think they’re inferior. In our view, if you have a choice, look for the silver lid, at least while you can.

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I knew something was wrong with the last few cans I had purchased. I will be returning the less-than-awesome ones.

  2. Thanks for clearing up the mystery. We wondered why the last batch of olives we bought was bad. Checked the label and they are the ones from Greece. They are HORRIBLE and have about as much flavor as a piece of notebook paper. Back they go and we will be careful on the next purchase.

  3. …no more Aldi black olives for this family… The taste horrible!

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