Aldi is Bringing an LED Projector and Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen to Stores

Last Updated on July 30, 2023

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  • If you’re looking for information about a different LED projector Aldi sold in September of 2022, click here
  • In 2023, Aldi sold a Banzai inflatable screen that looks a little different than this one. The Banzai screen cost $89.99, which was $10 less than this Bauhn screen.

Most Americans don’t think of Aldi as a place to get a television. That’s a different situation in other English-speaking countries, particularly the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia. In those countries, Aldi is known to sell TVs (under the Bauhn private label) from time to time as limited buys, especially around the December holidays.

Aldi US hasn’t sold a television in the lifetime of this website. Big technology just hasn’t been a priority for the grocer in the United States, with Aldi having phased out laptops, tablets, and desktop PCs back in 2016. Instead, Aldi US has settled for selling small accessories, like keyboards or clocks.

At the time of this post, Aldi US still isn’t selling TVs. But it is bringing a way to watch your favorite movies and shows to your home.

What We Know:

LED Projector and Movie Screen

Aldi is selling two separate accessories for the big screen experience. Both are Aldi Finds (Special Buys), which means they are only in stores for a short time. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, and Aldi won’t be restocking them. You won’t be able to order them online.

Medion LED Projector

Medion LED Projector

The first accessory is the Medion LED Projector. Medion is a German subsidiary of Chinese technology giant Lenovo. This projector currently costs $129.99. Projector prices can vary by a lot, with some bargain models as low as $50 and with others running hundreds of dollars. This Aldi projector is closer to the lower end of prices.

The Aldi website also indicates the projector comes with a two-year warranty, serviced by Medion.

Unfortunately, Aldi does not have any technical specs on the projector on its website. However, we were able to glean a few things from the box in-store. Features include:

  • 720p resolution (1,280 x 720)
  • built-in speaker
  • projects an image from 45 inches up to 200 inches
  • projection distance is from 4.82 feet up to 20.67 feet
  • connections include 2 USB Type A, 2 HDMI, 1 3.5mm audio in, and 1 3.5mm audio out
  • external power adapter
  • comes with an HDMI cable and a TRRS AV (RCA or composite) cable
  • includes a remote with 2 AAA batteries

Bauhn Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen

Bauhn Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen

The second accessory is the Bauhn Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen. Bauhn is a private label Aldi uses worldwide. The Aldi movie screen currently costs $99.99. Most movie screens online run $130 to $300, so the Aldi screen is pretty cheap.

Here’s more info from Aldi on the movie screen:

  • Overall dimensions: approximately 114″ x 83″ x 25″
  • Projection surface dimensions: approximately 98.4″ x 56″
  • Diagonal size: 114″
  • Easy to set up; inflated in approximately 1 minute
  • Includes electronic blower, ropes, and legs
  • Blower technical data: 120 V, 6o HZ, 0.8 A
  • Carry bag included for easy transport and storage
  • Offers large format movie fun; enjoy blockbusters, football and more at home in your yard. Simply bring the big screen home and share movies and sporting events with family and friends
  • For outdoor use
  • Designed for use with a projector (not included)
  • Comes with a two-year warranty serviced by Telemarcom Service CTN/Spotlight Logistics

What We Don’t Know:

These products are new in 2021, so we don’t know much about them. We don’t know how easily they set up. We don’t know how the image looks when on display, or how good the sound on the projector is. And we don’t know about longevity. Our goal with open thread posts such as this one is to offer a space for readers to share about their experiences with a product.

Did you try out the LED projector and / or the outdoor movie screen? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I think this link may be the info on the model at Aldi.
    The page loads in Dutch, translate to English

  2. I just impulse bought one. I haven’t tried it yet, I’ll try to get to it this weekend and post an update.

    The model number is 22800 (The link above is for the 22900, they seem quite similar). Native resolution is listed as 720p, but supports 1080p.

    It has 2 USB, 2 HDMI, and a TRRS AV input. It also has a built-in speaker plus an external audio out. Though the manual is a bit vague, it seems to support content playback from USB which I wasn’t expecting from such a low end model.

    I also bought the inflatable screen, but that will probably wait til spring to get unpacked.

    • Good to know, especially with the 1080p support. I was hoping it had an external audio out — is it 3.5mm? Also good to know it supports USB playback; I’d be interested to know how that performs.

      Thanks for sharing.

      • Yes, It has 2 audio jacks. I bought one and I have tried it out against a interior wall. Built in speaker is weak – don’t expect to use it/rely on it.

        Works with the new Roku with the USB power and HDMI output.

  3. Buyer beware….don’t purchase the projector! I tried two this weekend after returning the first and the internal speaker does not work and neither does the port to plug in an external one – so no sound! I tried technical support and they admitted there’s a problem.

    • That projector does not support dolby so you need to go into the devise you are streaming/playing from and turn that off. I had the same issue and fixed it in 5 minutes.

      • Thank you! That fixed it for me. Great projector now that I have the sound working. Our local store had it marked down to $64. It’s a steal at that price.

  4. Michael Shelley Zepp

    my sound is out after first use

  5. We can’t get ours to work at all… It powers on but then says no device or no signal, no matter what we try to connect it to (have tried HDMI1, USB and AV in).

    • Anyone else have this problem? Thinking I’ll have to return it.

    • Check the HDMI connection on the projector. When I first tried mine, I used the HDMI cable included in the box. It LOOKED like I had connected it all the way, but after trying to figure out why I had no signal, I noticed that it had a little more room to go. I (FINALLY) got mine unboxed and set up. I’m pretty happy so far, it’s handling my 1080p input just fine.

  6. Can’t connect to my phone or laptop thru usb or hdmi. did anyone use adapters for those

  7. I’m looking forward to testing this thing outside in the springtime. I threw as much light as I could find at the screen, and the image is still distinguishable. I want to find out how it looks in sunlight.

    I’ve noticed that the center of the image is quite a bit brighter than the edges. Definitely a sign of a cheap lens. But hey, it’s $130 projector, I wouldn’t expect the quality of a $500 lens.

  8. Had anyone been able to connect a speak or something outside to make it louder? The volume on the projector is soooooo low. I’d hate to return it but I can not with this volume.

  9. We had no sound when using the HDMI connections with TV/Fios cable box or DVD player but works perfectly with HDMI from laptop! Anxious to try turning off Dolby as mentioned above, which on DVD player should be simple, but not sure about Verizon’s cable box. Anyone try that yet or know how to get into settings on their box?

  10. How is the brightness? Is it worth ~$90?

  11. When does Aldis mark down their merchandise?

  12. Updating earlier post. Changing audio settings on DVD and TV Set Box didn’t help my projector get audio when using hdmi. Works with RCA cables, but image not as clear. Got a second one on warranty, same deal… hoping for an Audio driver update, but so far, no indication one is coming.

  13. What a steal bought screen and projector for $50 each total of $100. Thanks for the above advice! Can’t wait to try this out in the spring.

  14. Anyone know the linens or brightness? That is the biggest factor and it is t listed not have I seen any comments about picture quality;

  15. Mine works great! The image was insane on my fence! Have not gotten a screen yet so really impressed! I did connect to my tailgater for audio and also worked amazing! Can’t wait to see how it looks when I find the screen! Anyone know if Aldi will get the screen back in the store! Sold out when I bought my projector! Would post pic if I could to show clarity!

  16. Just a heads up, my Aldi had the screens and projectors marked down to $40 each.

    • Paul George Zaremba

      The inflatable screen is nice but the blower motor it comes with will not keep the screen inflated. I went and bought an upgrade blower and it works great now

  17. Does the blower stay on like a kids bouncy house?

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