Aldi + Wahlburgers is the Best Match We’ve Seen This Year

Last Updated on December 2, 2021

Aldi + WalhburgersLet’s face it: 2021 has been tough. Not only has the world faced an ongoing pandemic dating back to last year, but the year has increasingly been riddled with labor shortages and supply chain snarls. Whether you’re trying to buy a car or get food from a restaurant, the world is a different place than it was before, at least for now.

Aldi has not been immune, especially from the supply chain problems. The grocer has faced repeated delays in its Aldi Finds, to the point where it has been forced to cut back on its ads and even stealth release certain products as they arrive.

In short, it’s been a year, after what was already a pretty bad year.

Fortunately, in this ocean of uncertainty, there has been a beacon of hope. And that hope comes from an unlikely pair: Aldi, the tireless German grocery store … and Wahlburgers, the burger franchise with the star power of an acting family and a reality TV show.

I have no idea what kind of deal the secretive Aldi executives struck up with the Wahlberg family. But we’ve reaped the benefits, in the form of some of the best food to hit Aldi shelves in years.

We first saw Wahlburgers hit Aldi back in January of 2021. We were intrigued, in no small part because there are no Wahlburger restaurants anywhere near the metropolitan area we live in. When we tried out the burgers and Wahl sauce, our hopes were confirmed: this was good stuff.

Wahlburgers Gourmet Blend Angus Beef Burgers + Wahl Sauce

We know enough about Aldi Finds to know that once something is sold out, it’s usually gone for a long time. We fully expected to never see Wahlburgers at Aldi for another year … if ever. It just had the feel of one of those Aldi experiments that’s one and done.

We’re happy to say that we were wrong. Not only has Aldi brought back Wahlburger patties and Wahl Sauce again this year — a rare thing in the Aldi universe — but we’ve also been blessed with other Walhburger-branded products, including hot dogs, pickles, and bacon. They’re all terrific, especially when you have excuses to put any of them together.

Wahlburgers Fresh Dill Chips

A Wahlburger with Wahl Sauce, Wahlburgers bacon, onions, and Wahlburgers pickles.

The recurring Wahlburgers presence at Aldi has been especially nice given all the uncertainties surrounding other Aldi Finds. With so many product delays in the shrinking Aldi product ad, seeing Wahlburgers come back feels almost like the Wahlburger family is plugging a hole in the Aldi lineup, even if that’s not really what’s happening. (Probably.)

But that sells Wahlburgers short. It’s not a filler — it’s top-shelf food. And while it’s more expensive than what you normally get at Aldi, it’s good enough that we’ve shelled out the money for more whenever the Wahlburger products have come back.

Wahlburgers Hickory Smoked Uncured Bacon

Wahlburgers Bacon, Goldhen Eggs, and Season’s Choice Hash Browns.

Whatever agreement Aldi and Wahlburgers has, it appears to be ongoing, a semi-annual Aldi Find that rotates in and out at points during the year. I don’t know how much longer that agreement runs, but I’ll say this: I’m glad it happened. My dinner plate has been better for it.

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  1. tried to get wahlberger pickles at my aldi and they didn’t have them.Come on ,I am craving them.when will they be back in illinois

  2. I agree with you on Wahlburger products. They are delicious and I stock up when I see them in the store.

  3. I purchased the wahlburger angus beef at Aldi and it’s tough and full of fat and not very good hamburgers. I will not purchase it again!

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