Open Thread: FERREX 4V Cordless Screwdriver

Last Updated on September 7, 2023

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated for 2023. 

Aldi is not a hardware store. You can’t go in at any time and get bolts, duct tape, glue, paint, or a pair of safety goggles. If you are hard-pressed for the equipment to get a DIY job done, you’re not going to Aldi.

However, Aldi does sometimes rotate in a few of the things you could buy at a hardware store. The German supermarket, for example, stocks various outdoor necessities throughout the year, including lawn mowers and weed trimmers. Aldi also is known to sell hand tools like drills, hammers, and even the occasional torque wrench.

For a long time, the outdoor stuff was sold under the Gardenline house brand while the indoor stuff and tools were under the WORKZONE brand, but in recent years Aldi has consolidated most of its hardware under the FERREX private label. (None of these are separate companies, but they are brands Aldi uses to sell products.)

The grocer has been selling screwdrivers off and on for years, too, mostly of the cordless variety.

What We Know:

FERREX 4V Cordless Screwdriver


The FERREX 4V Cordless Screwdriver (Product Code 826082 in September of 2023; and Product Code 817180 in September of 2022) is an Aldi Find. It’s only in stores for a limited time — each store gets just one shipment — and once it’s sold out, you won’t be able to find it until it comes back. Most of the time, Aldi Finds are an annual thing, so if you can’t score one now, you’ll probably have to wait until the next year to get your hands on one. Aldi doesn’t ship online, either, so if you can’t find them in stores, you’re out of luck.

The screwdriver cost $14.99 in September of 2023. That’s $10 less than the $24.99 it cost in September of 2022. It’s another example we’ve seen lately of Aldi quietly dropping prices on certain Aldi Finds. That price is on par with other non-name brand 4V cordless screwdrivers I can find online. It’s $5 more than the 3.6V screwdriver Aldi sold in 2021, but it also has a little more power.

A 4V (4 volt) screwdriver is on the lower end of power as far as screwdrivers go. This will be okay for light duty work around the house, but if your project requires a lot of power — like trying to get a screw into a wood stud after you’ve drilled a pilot hole — you’re likely going to need something more powerful. If you’re trying to thread something into a space that it’s already fitted into, though, this should do the job.

Here are more features, according to Aldi:

  • Pivot handle, 180° turnable
  • Max torque: 5 Nm
  • Forward and reverse functions
  • Built-in LED work light and flashlight
  • Long-lasting 4V, 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Magnetic bit-holder included
  • Max torque: 5 Nm
  • Charging time of approximately three hours

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t tested this screwdriver, so we don’t know how quickly it charges, how well it operates, or how long the charge lasts. We also don’t know how durable the screwdriver or the bits are. That’s why we’ve created this open thread for users to share their experiences.

Have you used this cordless screwdriver? Let us know about it in the comments.

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  1. I bought one to go with my black & decker cordless screwgun that I’ve had for five years now. The Ferrex cordless screwdriver has more power/torque, it’s more versatile, has more accessories and features, and is $40 cheaper. So far, I’m very satisfied with this product, and I recommend this to anyone who needs one for use around the house because it’s definitely worth every penny. Also, considering that Kobalt, Craftsman, and Black & Decker are all running $60 or more for the same product, so it’s definitely worth the price.

  2. There’s a flashlight in the handle. It charges by USB C. Plenty of power for what it is. Handle spins around to go straight. Bits are cheap but you dont need S2 steel for 4V. An absolute steal.

  3. can I buy a replacement charger online that will fit this drill?

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