Schogetten Originals Chocolate

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One of my favorite things about shopping at Aldi is that it offers an opportunity to try foods from around the world. Whether it’s their twice-yearly German week or they’re stocking ice cream from Slovenia during the summer months, or whether Aldi is selling brioche from France or waffles from Belgium, I love sampling foods from outside of the U.S.

While most imported products at Aldi are sold under the grocer’s own private label house brands, I occasionally spot some items that are not exclusive to Aldi. That’s the case with some of the chocolate in the Aldi candy aisle. I recently picked up several packages of Schogetten chocolate from Aldi to try.

Schogetten is a German chocolate brand that’s been around since 1962. Since Aldi is a grocer with German roots, it makes sense that they’d carry some German brands.

Schogetten chocolate is unique because it’s packaged in bite-sized pieces. Schogetten chocolate comes in a wide range of flavors, including everything from regular milk chocolate and dark chocolate to more exotic caramel brownie or yoghurt-strawberry. They also carry limited-edition flavors and even some chocolate products that you can freeze for a novel treat. Opinions differ, but some people consider Schogetten to be a mid-range chocolate that is good but not a luxury brand.

Aldi sells a limited selection of German-made Schogetten chocolate in four flavors: Alpine milk chocolate, crunchy peanut butter, dark chocolate, and Alpine milk chocolate with hazelnuts.

Schogetten Chocolate

Schogetten Originals Chocolate costs $1.59 for 3.5 ounces at the time of publication. That comes out to about 45 cents per ounce.

These are a Regular Buy, which means you should be able to find them at Aldi any time of year.

You can also purchase Schogetten products from Amazon, but the lowest price I saw there at the time of writing was 78 cents per ounce, and it went up from there. The only time purchasing this from Amazon might make sense is if you want flavors that Aldi doesn’t sell.

This chocolate is unique because each package or “bar” contains a foil-wrapped paperboard tray filled with multiple small squares of chocolate. The squares are not scored or perforated, and you don’t need to break them apart. They are packaged as a collection of separate, individual squares.

Schogetten Chocolate

What’s inside the wrappers. From left to right: milk chocolate, crunchy peanut butter, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate with hazelnuts.

The packaging states:

With Schogetten you can enjoy the piece-by-piece pleasure of soft melting chocolate, made with only the best ingredients.


Schogetten Chocolate

Milk chocolate on the left, crunchy peanut butter on the right.

Schogetten Chocolate

Dark chocolate on the left, milk chocolate with hazelnuts on the right.

Click the photos below for specific nutrition information and ingredients for each flavor Aldi sells. In general, these have between 150 and 160 calories per 5-piece serving, along with 9-11 grams of total fat (12-14% DV), 5-6 grams of saturated fat (25-30% DV), 0-60 mg of sodium (0-3% DV), 15-17 grams of total carbohydrates (5-6% DV), and 12-14 grams of added sugars (24-28% DV).

Schogetten Chocolate

Nutrition information and ingredients for the milk chocolate and crunchy peanut butter flavors. (Click to enlarge.)

Schogetten Chocolate

Nutrition information and ingredients for the dark chocolate and milk chocolate with hazelnuts flavors. (Click to enlarge.)

If you’re looking out for allergens, the milk chocolate and dark chocolate flavors contain milk and soy, and they may contain peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, and egg. The crunchy peanut butter flavor contains milk, soy, and peanut, and it may contain wheat, coconut, tree nuts, and egg. The milk chocolate with hazelnut flavor contains milk, soy, and hazelnut, and it may contain peanuts, other tree nuts, wheat, and egg.

The crunchy peanut butter flavor features a Cocoa Commitment seal indicating it contains sustainably sourced cocoa.

This chocolate went quickly among my family. The milk chocolate flavor is smooth, sweet, and what you’d expect with milk chocolate.

The crunchy peanut butter flavor does not have a traditional peanut butter filling like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or even an Aldi house brand Choceur peanut butter cup. Instead, it’s more like a salted peanut paste. It’s good, but it’s different.

The dark chocolate is not as bitter as some dark chocolate I’ve had, but it has those classic bitter, semi-sweet notes.

The milk chocolate with hazelnuts flavor is also good, with small pieces of chopped hazelnuts and no large nut pieces.

Overall, this is good chocolate. It’s not going to become my go-to chocolate. My family still likes Choceur milk chocolate bars with hazelnut paste when we want a chocolate bar, and for other chocolate cravings we tend to go with peanut butter cups and Butterfingers. However, these are perfectly fine for indulging a chocolate craving. The fact that they’re packaged in bite-sized pieces makes them great for sharing, serving as a component of a party spread, or simply for controlling portions. They would also make a good small gift for a neighbor or a teacher who likes chocolate.

The Verdict:

Schogetten Originals Chocolate is a German chocolate brand that is not exclusive to Aldi. While this brand includes a range of flavors, Aldi sells just four: Alpine milk chocolate, crunchy peanut butter, dark chocolate, and Alpine milk chocolate with hazelnuts. This chocolate comes in small bite-sized squares that are ideal for portion control or sharing. It’s good chocolate, especially if you’re looking for something a little different.

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