13 Aldi Products to Stockpile


Aldi used to be called the “stock-up store” because of its low prices. While that advertising slogan has faded (you can see it in this 1990s Mama Cozzi’s pizza commercial on YouTube), I still like to stock up on certain items from Aldi. It’s not the same as shopping at large discount warehouses like Costco or Sam’s Club, but I still get really good deals.

I like to save time and money and have peace of mind by keeping these items readily available in my house for times when I need them or when I can’t make it out to the store for some reason (illness, bad weather, a busy week, etc.).

These products last a long time in my bathroom closet, in my pantry, or on my extra food storage shelf near my deep freezer in my basement. Also, I don’t have a huge house, so I don’t buy tons of these items at one time or turn my house into some sort of warehouse. I just try to keep one or two extra on hand, and it makes life easier.

  1. Toilet paper. Aldi sells a variety of it. Stay away from the 1-ply and go with the mid- or upper-priced options at Aldi. My family has happily used Aldi’s 18-pack Willow So Soft Classic toilet paper for years. Read our review of many of Aldi’s toilet paper products here.
  2. Facial tissue. It works as well as the name-brand stuff, is not too rough on tender noses, and costs a lot less money.
  3. Laundry detergent. Aldi’s Tandil detergent in the blue bottle is the most economical, and I’ve used it for years. We also sometimes use the Tandil detergent in the red bottle because we like the smell. I usually keep an extra bottle of laundry detergent so we never run out, even on weeks when I do a ton of laundry. Read our review of Aldi’s laundry products here.
  4. Dishwasher pacs. I keep an extra package of the powdered detergent pacs for my dishwasher in my kitchen cabinet because it’s never pleasant to go to start the dishwasher only to realize you’re out of detergent. Note: stay away from Aldi’s gel detergent for dishwashers. After a few wash cycles, it will leave residue on your dishes. The powdered detergent pacs are okay, though. Read our review here.
  5. Plastic wrap, foil, and various-sized plastic food storage bags. It’s not easy to tell when a roll of plastic wrap or aluminum foil is nearing the end, so I try to keep an extra roll of each around.
  6. Baking supplies. These include flour, oats, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, spices, chocolate chips, and more. Keeping plenty of baking supplies around ensures I’m always prepared when a craving for homemade cookies or bread strikes.
  7. Condiments. My family goes through a lot of ketchup and salad dressing, so I try to keep an extra bottle of each (especially Ranch dressing) so we’re never without them. Read our review here.
  8. Canned goods. My family likes Aldi’s mandarin oranges, tuna, and clam chowder. We also frequently use Aldi’s canned beans and diced tomatoes for chili, soup, and Mexican food.
  9. Unsweetened applesauce. This comes in a large plastic container and does not need refrigeration until it’s opened, which means it lasts a while in the pantry. It makes a good side dish for lunch, or a nice “dessert” after dinner.
  10. Cereal. I like to keep a few extra boxes of our favorite cereals around so everyone stays happy at breakfast time. We are fans of Aldi’s newer Balance cereal, which is a knockoff of the name-brand Life cereal. Read our review of some of Aldi’s cereal here.
  11. Salsa and tortilla chips. Aldi sells a variety of salsas as Regular Buys, and my family enjoys the ALDI Find (Special Buy) Casa Mamita Restaurant Style Salsa sold in a glass jar. This stuff is good for snacking or for taco night, and we often put salsa in our scrambled eggs and omelettes. As for tortilla chips, we like Aldi’s Pueblo Lindo Restaurant Style chips.
  12. Breakfast foods. I keep extra packages of hash browns and sausage patties in my deep freezer because my family likes big breakfasts on the weekends. My kids like the pancake and sausage on a stick as a quick and easy school day breakfast, and I keep an extra bottle of syrup in the pantry as well. I keep fiber bars or granola bars around for busy mornings or for lunch boxes, and I usually keep an extra bottle of apple juice on my pantry shelf so we always have juice for breakfast.
  13. Our favorite ALDI Finds. ALDI Finds are products that are only in stores for a limited time. These are good items to stock up on if possible because it can be months or even a year before they return to stores, or sometimes they never return. I like pantry items such as the pesto macaroni and cheese, the Deutsche Kuche Cheese Egg Spaetzle, and certain cereals. I also like products I can store for a while in my deep freezer, including French onion soup, gyros kits, pizza, chicken sausage, crab cakes, and frozen fruit bars.

What Aldi items do you like to stock up on? Let us know in the comments.

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Rachael is the Co-founder of Aldi Reviewer. When she isn't busy shopping at Aldi, she enjoys cooking, gardening, writing gothic romance, and collecting more houseplants than she probably should. You can learn more about her at rachaelsjohnston.com.


  1. Amydell M Beardshall

    I was in last week in Huntsville, Tx. They have the BEST dark chocolate bars- which are by Moser Roth. I purchased the dark sea salt and the Dark Chocolate Chili. The best part- each bar is divided into 5 sections- so its like having 5 individually wrapped treats! 3 carbs each! Perfect is your on a low carb diet!

  2. I love the kettle sweet and salty popcorn. Lately, they have it more often which im happy about. I like the 1 ply version of toilet paper they have. It’s usually what I buy. But I have a really bad apartment toilet that constantly needs plunging so the thin paper help because it breaks up easier. It’s a lifesaver for me. Thanks for sharing the commercial. I guess they’ve been in the us longer than I thought. Aldi is pretty new to Florida I think. What’s amazing to me is they have these certain toys that are a big deal now. I got two for 3.99 each and other places it’s like 12 to 15 dollars for one for a small one and I got a big one. I don’t want the public knowing it’s actually the real toy not a copy. They put another tag over the real one. Ours had the real tag underneath. I’m afraid if collectors go crazy they’ll stop carrying them. You know how Aldi is! They’re the only store I know who STOPS selling popular items!

  3. But you can’t beat that price when you’re on a budget!

  4. Every time I visit Aldi, I look for a high-fiber cereal equivalent to Fiber One. They used to have a Millville equivalent, and I liked it. Then it disappeared. The other cereals don’t come close to the fiber content of that Millville one. (Similarly, a local supermarket chain’s large kosher section used to have a great high-fiber cereal from Israel…Shavurim I think was the brand…and after I had enjoyed two boxes of that, poof! Away it went! I think I’m a curse on high-fiber cereals!)

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