Open Thread: Summer Waves 12′ x 30″ Active Frame Pool

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

Summer Waves 12' x 30" Active Frame Pool

2021 photo via Aldi US.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated for 2023. 

Once mid-May arrives, many people start thinking about backyard water fun for the coming summer months. Aldi starts to roll out a selection of pools, sprinklers, splash pads, water slides, and pool accessories during this time of year. The weekly ad can be fun to look at, with a variety of options for entertainment that just requires adding water.

This open thread deals with the Summer Waves 12′ x 30″ Active Frame Pool at Aldi.

What We Know:

Summer Waves 12' x 30" Active Frame Pool

The Summer Waves 12′ x 30″ Active Frame Pool cost $129.99 in May of 2023. It cost $169.99 in 2022 and $119.99 in May of 2021. It’s another example of how Aldi has been quietly dropping prices on some of its Aldi Finds. It’s also a lot less money than most other frame pools with similar measurements on Amazon.

This is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a short time. In previous years, Aldi has not always received a large number of pools like this, so depending on how high demand is, the limited stock may sell out quickly on the morning specials are scheduled to hit store shelves. Aldi does not offer online ordering for its specials, so once this sells out at your local store, it’s gone until next summer.

We don’t have specific details on this pool Aldi is selling, but we do know it includes a 2-in-1 filter pump.

As mentioned above, Summer Waves is a name brand that is not exclusive to Aldi, although Aldi has sold several Summer Waves products in the past, including a different frame pool two summers ago, giant dinosaur and unicorn sprinklers, and a 10′ by 30″ quick set pool.

Summer Waves pools can also be found at retailers such as Amazon, although I couldn’t find another retailer selling a Summer Waves pool with the exact same specific dimensions as the one Aldi is offering.

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t used this pool, so we don’t yet know how easily it sets up, how durable it is, or how well it works overall. We also don’t know if it comes with a warranty. Our goal with open thread posts like this one is to offer a place for people to share about their experiences with a product.

Do you have the Summer Waves 12′ x 30″ Active Frame Pool? Tell us your thoughts in the comments. 

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  1. I’ve been looking all over the state for one of these pools at Aldi . Every store I go into says they haven’t gotten any in yet….???

  2. Hi! So in which state has the ad the 12×30 pool? Here in NC we only have the kiddie pool this week and no pool or accessories next week.

  3. One of the Fort Myers, FL stores had the 12×30 pool this week.

  4. I bought this a store in Fort Lauderdale. It comes with a two-year warranty, haven’t set it up yet!

  5. Found 3 in my Aldi in Woodstock, GA. Bought one! Haven’t opened the box yet.

  6. I just receive my pool my girlfriend daughter purchase this pool in Pennsylvania I love it but I didn’t open it the price was good I just need a cover I need to know if this pool come with a cover or can I purchase a cover

  7. I’m looking for one in RI, Leominster is a bit of a gamble for me unfortunately 🙁

  8. I just purchased one in Pittsburgh today Saturday May 29th they only had one Isis let me grab it in case my girls want it and I’ll put it in my yard for all the grandkids

  9. I live in Memphis, we haven’t gotten any. I’ve been calling every day at 4 locations since April 4, each locations hadn’t gotten any. Just not fair.

    • A week later a friend called and said someone returned one and waited there until I came to get it. Its was unopened

  10. I was able to get one from Sedalia Missouri, although have not put it up yet. If anyone has theirs up, can you share any tips. Also do you know if you need a ladder? I am thinking you would, but won’t know till we get ours up in the next couple of weeks

    • Hi, I did not get one from Aldi, but I have a similar one. Because the sides are only 30″ high, you can just step over it. Maybe have a chair handy to hold onto – you want to make sure you don’t grab onto the edge of the pool. You can buy ladders separately, but that’s another $50-$100. (check Craigslist!)

  11. I’m in NKY and my store just had these today. I grabbed one, and there were 4 left.

  12. We got one, but we have very hard time to find a filter. We bought type I as it states on the instructions, but it doesn’t click into the space inside the filter. It is same size but the mesh doesn’t stay. Otherwise great pool

  13. Love this pool. Super easy to set up. Just Hate the big hole for the filter and pump so you can’t change them to a bigger one with out being MacGyver

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