The Ambiano Programmable Pressure Cooker is Returning to Aldi

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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In 2009, three friends who had met while working at a company in Canada had an idea. Rather than have several different cooking appliances, each of them taking up space in the kitchen, why not just have one? Working together, the three designed a solution. Their device could act as a steamer, slow cooker, yogurt maker, rice maker, searing pan, and even a pressure cooker.

In 2010, the Instant Pot was born. It’s not an exaggeration to say that, within a few years, the all-in-one device had taken the world by storm. It became the must-have appliance, especially around the holidays. Not only could it do the work of multiple appliances, but it could cook fast — just what busy families needed. Instant Pots sold like crazy, with entire sites devoted just to recipes for the handy device.

Success breeds imitation, and so it was that a number of companies set out to make their own clones of the successful formula. Among those companies was the master of product imitations, Aldi. After years of selling a more conventional pressure cooker, the German supermarket rolled out its programmable pressure cooker under the Ambiano private label. Aldi sold a 6-quart and an 8-quart in 2018, a 6-quart and an 8-quart in 2019, and a 6-quart in 2020.

Aldi did not sell a pressure cooker in 2021. This was either by design or because of product delays; since Aldi did sell pressure cooker accessories, my guess is the latter. Regardless, in early 2022, the 6-quart version of the product made its return to the weekly ad.

What We Know:

The 2022 model.

The Ambiano Pressure Cooker (Product Code: 807994) is an Aldi Find, which means its only in stores for a limited time. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, and Aldi won’t be bringing it back for a while.

At the time of this post, the Ambiano cooker is $49.99. This is same price it cost in 2020, and is significantly less than most other programmable pressure cookers on the market.

According to Aldi, the cooker’s features include:

  • Copper or Stainless Steel finish
  • A 6-quart capacity
  • 15 preset programs and 3 pressure levels
  • A timer for delayed start
  • A rack for steaming
  • 3 safety settings

The cooker comes with a 3-year warranty serviced by Monolith Support, a German after-sales service provider.

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t yet tested this model, so we can’t speak to how well it functions. We’ve created this open thread for users to share their experiences.

Do you have experience with the Ambiano Pressure Cooker? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Catherine A. McClarey

    My current pressure cooker is a Hamilton Beach “Instant Pot” clone I tested for their review program about 2 years ago. The one feature it has which my previous Instant Pot (also a product review test model, that time for Walmart) didn’t have is a pressure release button built into the middle of the handle, well away from where the steam comes out, which makes it much safer to do a quick release. I mostly cook ribs and soup in my pressure cooker, although I’ve also steamed frozen tamales in it a few times.
    Actually, I’ve also previously had a Ninja Foodi (another Walmart product review test), but found it too bulky to be a good fit for my kitchen, despite its also having an air fryer built-in.

  2. Purchased the 2022 Model. My third pressure cooker from Aldi. Opened for brief examination … but left in vehicle to return.

    1) Inner pot is coated with non-stick. Probably good for making cake … but all non stick coatings come off. I have never had anything stick seriously in the past to the stainless inner pot. I have never made cake. The coating is the 1st deal killer for me. I will have to double check to see if the inner pot is aluminum or stainless under the coating. The Power Pressure Cooker XL cookers use a coated inner pot … you can read reviews of coated pressure cookers there.

    2) 6-quart is too tiny. 8 quart is the minimum for me. My prior 2 aldi cookers were 8 quart. This allows a large load (1 package) of split chicken to be cooked at once. Also, whole chickens I purchase often almost touch the lid of my 8quart cooker (because I put the chicken on a stand above the water so it is steamed and not boiled.) They are are not going to fit into this smaller cooker. Deal killer for me.

    3) In my brief examination looking of the pot … apparently no unlock button on lid. Meaning the inner pressure drops and the lock automatically releases. I will have to double check for a hidden button. This would disqualify it for me … since I use the button on the prior cooker to help trigger the seal. I can picture problems with getting the lid to release … and have read reviews of the same problem on other brands of pressure cookers without release buttons. People trying to figure ways to get the safety lock to release. A stuck lid on $20 of food is not something I want to deal with at dinner time. Plus the button gives a check of pressure without having to twist the vent knob or turn the lid. Helps with safety. This is the 3rd deal killer for me.

    4) The display is much more primitive LED. My prior Aldi unit (which is still functional despite a dent from a fall off the counter initiated by a raccoon) has a LCD with a graph of progress showing the rise of pressure and the tapering off of pressure. The LCD display is great! Better than the non-informative displays of the Instant Pots I have seen. I believe some instant pots on the high end have a similar display to the older 8 quart Aldi. A progress indicator that gives an indication of pressure level versus time is really really nice!
    I suppose this is a near deal killer (would be 4th).

    5) Warranty? I suppose the warranty is in the manual. I will have to check prior to my returning the unit. It is not on the box.

    6) Apparently no canning function. I used that function to put food in ‘freezer safe’ canning jars and then freeze food for safety. I never canned for the shelf … not sure how safe that would have been.

    This sure looks like a much inferior unit to the prior two I have purchased …
    The time line of Aldi cookers starting in 2018 does not fit my purchase history. I believe my 1st Aldi cooker predates 2018. It lasted two years before failing to heat. I did not warranty … but purchased my 2nd cooker from Aldi . This timeline of cookers prior to 2018 is supported by the first comment on the review of the 2018 cooker which talks about purchasing a cooker ‘more than a year ago’. Plus I used my 1st cooker and served people that died prior to 2018. I will have to look back through receipts to verify the timeline.

    I hope someone else puts comments on the new pressure cooker unit up before I return mine. A note: Mine was the 1st one removed from the Aldi shelf on Wednesday at closing time. The box label if VERY uninformative.

    I will try to read the manual and answer the questions on warranty prior to return.

    Aldi seems to be loosing the focus of the founder … one of my heros … look at his history. Just my impression after shopping there for many years. Tons of candy and junk special offers and over-whelming piles of processed food. Very high salt levels in many of the packaged foods. Still one of my favorite stores. But I am not even sure if the milk is still hormone free … I noticed the signs of claiming this have vanished.

    • Thanks for the review. As soon as I read “non-stick” I knew I wouldn’t be going back for it. Just like the last one they offered.

      Hey, ALDI, if you’re listening, you’ll sell these things in a snap if you use a stainless liner. Not coated, not aluminum.

  3. Warranty for 2022 model is very strong for the industry. 3-Years. Warranty statement is a separate phamplet from instruction manual. Better keep it with the receipt if you are planning warranty.
    1) Warranty covers shipping both ways!
    2) Must present “original receipt”. I suggest owners make a copy of the original receipt and keep it with the original. Aldi receipts tend to self distruct rapidly. I have found mine partially blank after 2 Handle does years.
    3) You must call the call center prior to warranty return.
    4) Warranty excludes moving parts (and parts that wear … seal.)

    Design notes
    1) I believe the design changes are a response to lawsuits filed on previous versions Aldi (ambiano) pressure cookers.
    2) Inside the top is a round perforated cookie sheet that covers the entire inside of the lid. This acts as the shield to prevent food from clogging the vents. (Prior model vents were shielded with small caps that could be removed for cleaning.) Perhaps it is safer … but cleaning and inspection is more difficult. This is probably a response to legal actions by a very small number of individuals claiming burns from prior lids. Anyway … the new design would be much harder to clean. I have rarely (never?) had any buildup on the lid … buy mine are 8-quarts. The smaller the cooker .. the more danger of food reaching and clogging the lid. Don’t overload your cooker.

    I inspected the lid (still planning on returning so I have not unboxed anything but just lifted the lid out). No button to unlock the lid.

  4. on the second time of use I cooked a beef stew it was all stuck to the bottom of pot very disappointing never expected that and it spoilt the taste burnt

  5. Pamela Rita Hatch

    I purchased my pot in November of 2022. I used for the 1st time yesterday and discovered that the lid is cracked. How can I replace it
    . I bought the model # 807994
    Thank you for your help

    • You’ll need to contact the company that services the warranty. The contact information should be included with your manual.

  6. I bought the 6qt pressure cooker. O far I love it. Not the sames as old stovepipe ones but my roasts, pork chops, come out amazing. I have done French toast sticks, taquitos, and chicken tenders as well. I’ve had no problems.­čÖé

  7. Can you send me user manual of the ambiano PC160/807995
    I really don’t know what are the display meaning.

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