Aldi Restaurant Quality Quarter Pound Beef Patties

Memorial Day tends to kick off the summer season. That means it’s also cookout and barbecue season. While I tend to think any time of year is a great time for grilling, the spring and summer season is often when I see Aldi stock more of your typical cookout foods, including potato salad, macaroni salad, specialty barbecue sauces, and ice cream novelties.

Of course, the star of any cookout meal is often hot dogs or burgers. Aldi sells plenty of those. My family is fond of Aldi’s Regular Buy beef franks and their large bags of frozen burger patties. Aldi also rotates some specialty burgers into its stores during the summer. My family likes the Wahlburgers that make periodic appearances in the refrigerated fresh meat aisle. We’ve also seen frozen prime rib seasoned patties, pub style patties, and seasoned Angus beef patties that show up as limited-time Aldi Finds.

Most recently, in plenty of time for Memorial Day gatherings, Aldi sold some unbranded “restaurant quality” quarter pound beef patties in the Aldi Find freezer section. These are sold in a bulk 6-pound box that contains 24 patties. The box states the patties are “suitable for all food service users.” In other words, this box of burgers is intended to feed a crowd, possibly at a restaurant, but you can also buy them to cook and enjoy at your own home.

Restaurant Quality Quarter Pound Beef Patties

Restaurant Quality Quarter Pound Beef Patties are an Aldi Find. That means they’re in stores for just a short time. Each store receives one shipment, and it’s not restocked after that. Aldi does not offer online ordering for these if they’re sold out at your local store.

These cost $14.99 at the time of publication for a 6-pound box that contains 24 quarter pound patties. That’s about $2.50 per pound or 16 cents per ounce, or about 62 cents per patty. For comparison, Aldi’s Regular Buy frozen beef patties sell for $9.99 for 3 pounds, or $3.33 per pound or about 21 cents per ounce.

The box states these are distributed by Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation, a subsidiary of Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Cargill Inc. Cargill Meat Solutions has a corporate office in Wichita, Kansas, and they comprise Cargill’s North American beef, turkey, food service, and food distribution businesses.

Restaurant Quality Beef Patties

Frozen burgers in the box.

These patties are individually quick frozen (IQF), which “locks in freshness, retains juiciness and improves yield.” The back of the box indicates these patties feature a “perforation process” that “assures faster cooking and no cupping.” They should be stored frozen. When you’re ready to cook them, no thawing is necessary; you can cook these from frozen.

The box states to cook these to an internal temperature of 160 degrees. There are no cooking directions, but burgers are pretty straightforward. I recommend grilling them, but you can also pan fry them.

Restaurant Quality Quarter Pound Beef Patties

Nutrition information and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

Ingredients are beef, water, spice, and salt. It would be useful to know what “spice” is in these patties.

These have a lot of fat and saturated fat, so they’re something to enjoy occasionally but not all the time. One patty has 340 calories, 31 grams of total fat (48% DV), 12 grams of saturated fat (60% DV), 220 mg of sodium (9% DV), and no carbohydrates, dietary fiber, or sugars. One patty also has 14 grams of protein.

Aldi Restaurant Quality Beef Patties

Beef patties on the grill.

We grilled a few of these burger patties for a weeknight dinner. Because these have a high fat content, we had a few grill flareups while cooking these.

Restaurant Quality Beef Patties

These are fatty burgers, and we had some grill flareups.

As far as how these taste, they’re good burgers. They’re juicy and flavorful, and they go well with whatever burger accompaniments you want to serve them with. I had my burger with Wahl Sauce and sliced onion, tomato, and pickles. Other family members topped their burgers with traditional ketchup, mustard, and pickles.

I’m looking forward to making these burgers throughout the summer. There are a lot of burgers in the box, so they should last us a while.

The Verdict:

Restaurant Quality Quarter Pound Beef Patties are some of the cheapest frozen burger patties we’ve seen at Aldi. They’re sold in a large box that contains 24 burgers, so they’re great for serving a crowd, or they’re good if you just want a stash of burgers and you want to be able to pull individual burgers out to grill over the summer. They taste good, too.

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  1. Duke Woolworth

    Fat percentage? Please note added seasonings and salt. Pass.

  2. I bought four boxes tonight not noticing the “spice” moniker. I have cooked two patties and consumed them. Not the best burger, but not bad either. I am worried about the gluten content from the “spice”. Guess I’ll know in a couple hours, haha.

  3. Just tried these and recommend paying for the smaller bags. In college years back we got some cheap burgers and forever after jokes that they were cat burgers, they cooked up gray and had no firmness. These are not that bad, but have a mushiness that does not remind you of beef. Would not return to a restaurant that served these.

  4. I thought these were really good and frozen beef patties for $2.50 a pound is a great price. I made 6 at a time in the oven and drained the grease and hopefully some of the sodium too and then froze them until needed.

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