How Can I Tell If an Aldi Product is a Limited-Time Special?

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“Why can’t I find (insert specific product name here) at Aldi anymore?”

This is a common question we get at Aldi Reviewer. That’s because a lot of products come and go at Aldi. If you are an Aldi newbie and aren’t familiar with how their inventory system works at, it can be confusing and even frustrating when you discover an Aldi product you love … only to never see it in Aldi stores again, or at least not for a long time.

This is all part of the Aldi Find system. In addition to selling daily basics all year (also known as Regular Buys or core range products), Aldi also rotates new food and non-food items called Aldi Finds into its stock each week. Each store gets just one shipment of an Aldi Find product, and after that stock sells out, the store does not get additional product. An Aldi Find might recur on an annual or bi-annual basis, or if it doesn’t sell well, it might never show up again at Aldi.

Even self-proclaimed Aldi fans are sometimes bamboozled by Aldi’s methods. We recently spotted a discussion on a certain Aldi social media fan page in which a member found a product they loved at Aldi, and when they went back to buy more later, it was gone.

Somewhere in the conversation, someone expressed a wish that Aldi would mark its specials so they would know they’re only in stores temporarily.

How can I tell if an Aldi product is a limited-time special?

The good news is that Aldi does mark its specials so you can tell them apart from Regular Buys. There are two primary ways to tell what items are only going to be at Aldi for a short time: the price signs and the product’s location in the store. Once you know this information, it’s easy to navigate the Aldi aisles. You’ll never be caught off guard again if a favorite product doesn’t stick around.

How can I tell if an Aldi product is a limited-time special?

This sign marks Aldi gluten free stuffing as an Aldi Find, which means it won’t stay around forever.

How can I tell if an Aldi product is a limited-time special?

First, look at the price sticker on the shelf. The first way to tell if an Aldi product is only going to be around for a short time is to look at the price sticker. Limited-time specials are always labeled as such on the price sign displayed on the front of the shelf. The sign will include the phrase “Aldi Find.” Aldi Finds usually stick around for a few days to a few weeks, and that’s it.

How can I tell if an Aldi product is a limited-time special?

This sign indicates pumpkin rolls are a seasonal item at Aldi, which means they will stick around for a few months but not all year.

How can I tell if an Aldi product is a limited-time special?

These shrimp rings in the freezer section will be around for a few months because they’re a seasonal item, but you won’t find them all year at Aldi.

Or, if the product is marked as a “Seasonal Favorite” or “Seasonal Item,” that means it will be at Aldi for a few months before going away. This is the case with certain products such as pasta salad kits that are available during the summer cookout months, or pumpkin cake rolls that are available during the fall months. Items like this are restocked a few times, but not forever.

Second, take notice of the product’s location within the store. Limited-time specials at Aldi are usually assigned very specific locations. You may already be familiar with the special aisle or two in the middle of the store dedicated to non-food products such as cookware, furniture, clothing, and more. However, this isn’t the only place at Aldi to spot specials.

Frozen Aldi Finds that will only be in stores a short time are always located in chest freezers like these rather than in the wall freezers with swinging doors. Photo via Aldi US.

  • There is an aisle dedicated to limited-time nonperishable food products such as cookies, condiments, specialty pasta, and more. It’s usually adjacent to the non-food specials aisle. It’s also common to find small quantities of nonperishable food specials on the endcaps near the checkout lanes.
  • In addition, frozen limited-time food specials are usually placed in freestanding freezer units in the middle of an aisle. (In contrast, frozen foods that Aldi sells year round are located behind large freezer doors in the wall.)
  • And finally, refrigerated limited-time foods are usually stocked in their own small section in the refrigerated foods area. This area might be a little harder to spot, but once you figure out where it is, it will be easy to notice on future shopping trips. Again, look for the price signs that mark these products as Aldi Finds.

Knowing these tips makes Aldi shopping easy

How can I tell if an Aldi product is a limited-time special?

Yogurt and pizza kits that are marked as limited-time Aldi Finds in the refrigerator section.

Once you know to look for specific wording on the price signs at Aldi, and once you know where the specials (Aldi Finds) are always located, you will find Aldi shopping to be a cinch. You’ll always be able to tell what products are only going to be in the store for a short time, and you’ll know when you should buy a couple extra of a favorite “here today, gone tomorrow” product. With this knowledge — along with some practice navigating the cart rentals and bagging your own groceries — you’re on your way to becoming an Aldi superfan.

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