My 25 Favorite Things to Buy at Aldi

Last Updated on May 10, 2021

My Favorite Things to Buy at AldiRecently, blogger Money Saving Mom wrote about her 25 favorite things to buy at Aldi. I couldn’t resist creating a list of my own, even if there is some overlap. Here are my family’s favorite items to purchase at Aldi. (All items are Regular Buys unless otherwise stated.)

  1. Milk. Milk tastes the same regardless of where you buy it, unless maybe you’re getting it really fresh directly from a farmer or a farmers market. Aldi sells it in several varieties, including whole milk or organic or even chocolate.
  2. Eggs. Our local Aldi stores sometimes sell eggs for as cheap as 50 cents a dozen. You can’t beat that. You can even find organic and cage-free eggs.
  3. Bread. Aldi’s bread is decent, if not all that memorable, but the prices are excellent.
  4. Fresh veggies. Aldi has great fresh vegetables, ranging from broccoli, carrots, cucumber, and cauliflower to mushrooms, asparagus, potatoes, onions, cilantro, green onions, sugar snap peas, and various lettuces. One of my favorites is the artisan lettuce sold in a plastic clam shell container. If I store it uncut in my fridge, it keeps for one to two weeks.
  5. Fresh fruit. Aldi’s fruit quality has improved over the years. The grapes, watermelons, cantaloupe, apples, oranges, and bananas have always been fine. I used to think Aldi’s berries were of lesser quality, and I almost never bought strawberries at Aldi because they all seemed bruised and spotted. A few years ago, though, I noticed the strawberries started to look much better. I can almost always find a container that looks good now. I also like Aldi’s other berries such as blackberries (sometimes on sale for $1), blueberries, and the raspberries are pricey but delicious.
  6. Frozen veggies. My family likes the corn and broccoli. The broccoli (and some of the other frozen veggies) cooks in its own bag in the microwave. I always keep a bag in the freezer and it makes for a quick healthy side dish if I don’t have fresh veggies on hand.
  7. Cheese. My family likes ALL the Aldi cheese. Blocks. Slices. String cheese. Shredded cheese. Those little Special Buy containers of mozzarella balls with olive oil and basil. All of it. We really like the small plastic containers of shredded Parmesan cheese, which make a good salad or pasta topping, or we slice zucchini and top it with garlic salt, pepper, and shredded Parmesan before baking.
  8. Nuts. In my house, the peanuts and cashews rule. My husband also likes the trail mix.
  9. Baking supplies. There is no real difference between name brand and Aldi brand when it comes to flour, sugar, veggie oil, olive oil, chocolate chips, chopped nuts, seasonings, and spices.
  10. Cottage cheese. My husband and kids enjoy it and can’t taste any difference between name brand and Aldi.
  11. Bacon. We like it all, and we get sticker shock looking at bacon prices at traditional grocery stores.
  12. Hot dogs. Aldi offers several varieties, including all-beef franks and turkey hot dogs. They’re all good.
  13. Fresh chicken. I frequently buy the breasts, drumsticks, and wings. Occasionally I buy a whole chicken to roast. I often hear people complain about Aldi’s meat quality, but no one ever complains when I serve Aldi chicken.
  14. Fresh ground turkey. I use this in place of ground beef and it works well. I used to buy Aldi’s grass-fed ground beef, which I really like, but I’ve switched to ground turkey for health reasons.
  15. Never Any! lunch meat. This lunch meat costs more than Aldi’s regular lunch meats but does not include preservatives, and that is worth it to me.
  16. English Breakfast Tea. This is one of my husband’s favorite teas. While I wish Aldi would sell more fruity and unique teas, the store does have a good selection of basic teas. I was happy when Aldi rolled out a few fun tea flavors such as Candy Cane and Cinnamon Spice for the holidays last year.
  17. Dorito-style chips. My family can’t tell much difference between name brand Doritos and Aldi’s Clancy’s store brand. We also like Aldi’s version of Cheetos, and the plain potato chips are good, too. We don’t have any of these in the house often because that would be asking for trouble.
  18. Tikka Masala Simmer Sauce. The Journey to India brand jarred sauce was our family’s favorite and it was discontinued, but the Cook House Butter Chicken sauce is all right, and so is the Cook House Korma sauce.
  19. Millville Strawberry Cream Frosted Shredded Wheat Cereal. My personal breakfast favorite.
  20. Kirkwood Fully Cooked Breaded Crispy Chicken. My family loves fried chicken, and this is way cheaper than KFC and tastes pretty good.
  21. Ice cream. I heart ice cream of all kinds, and while Aldi’s ice cream isn’t quite as good as Edy’s, Breyers, or other name brands, it’s a decent substitute, especially considering that it’s about half the price of name brand. We are fans of the Moose Tracks and Cookie Dough ice cream, as well as the ice cream sandwiches and drumsticks.
  22. Toilet paper. It’s cheaper at Aldi than anywhere else, including warehouse or wholesale clubs.
  23. Laundry supplies. Aldi offers a range of name brand Tide and store brand Tandil products all at great prices.
  24. Trash bags. Aldi offers a few varieties of these as well.
  25. Paper plates and other feed-a-crowd supplies. Aldi is a good place to get paper plates, paper towels, plastic cups, silverware, and paper napkins.

What are your favorite things to buy at Aldi? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Their ground beef. Far better than my local grocery store.

  2. In addition to what you mentioned my family loves their knock off Girl Scout cookies, chicken nuggets, frozen wings, dressings, flavored carbonated waters, and crescent rolls and mini sausages to make pigs in a blanket. I am also excited when they have specialty items like salad toppers, cheese curds and other new and exciting frozen side dishes they have sometimes. Oh and their frozen shrimp beats and grocery store.

  3. Brioche bread…OMG. Plain or with chocolate chips. Yes,it has lots of sugar,so don’t eat a lot of it…if you can resist.f

  4. Love their ccresent rolls taste just as good if not better than the pilsbury and are only 89 cents each. Also love their cheap spices,kitchen staples aisle,cheeses from all over ,baking items such as the cake mix is super moist. Now the cake mix was big for me because I’m a brand snob with that but now this aldi one is my favorite and under 90 cents a box. So many things I’m definitely a fan!

  5. Some of my go-tos are the Moose Tracks ice cream, frozen brussel sprouts, kettle chips (though I like Dollar Tree’s better), 1-2 lb bags of sharp cheddar shredded cheese, Organic Granola Cereal -honey (The cinnamon raisin one has hard, tiny little raisins which aren’t that great), organic sugar, organic spices (need a bigger selection though), frozen pizza (similar to Digiornos), Organic spring mix (1 lb container), Organic dressings-poppyseed in particular, organic canned tomatoes, Everything bagels, Spinach and herb wraps, frozen strawberries (frozen mango not so great), canned pineapples (canned mixed fruit is yucky), and I’m sure I’ve forgotten something else.

    I like their organic soy milk but they’ve jacked the price up. I use a lot of their cream cheese, and butter too when it’s on sale. I’ve recently tried their $3.39 frozen tilapia and it’s perfectly fine.

    I liked their plain chicken salad but the other flavors I tried weren’t as great, either too salty or too something. I did like the cranberry one kind of though.

    I like the knockoff girl scout cookies and crunchy peanut butter too but I’ve kind of burned out on them.

    Their lightly salted chips are good but they don’t always have them and I believe they’re only in one variety which is ripples.

  6. I’ve noticed for a while that Aldi bananas (not the organic ones) that have Chiquita stickers on them are not good quality. Today I cut one to slice on my cereal and there was a black strip running lengthwise inside. I decided this was the last straw and although bananas may not have the Twice as Nice guarantee their other products do, I’m going to return it and see what happens. At least I’ll let them know I won’t buy any more bananas at Aldi unless the quality improves. Has anyone else noticed this?

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