Aldi Reviewer Turns Five


July 3rd has a special significance for us, and not just because it’s the day before the 4th of July.

July 3rd, 2016, marks the first day that Aldi Reviewer went live. Our maiden post was little more than an announcement that we existed, spoken to an audience of zero. (It was followed by a first-day batch of posts on sausage, gliders, chicken, soap, and electronics.)

We started it as a pilot project, but it has evolved into something much bigger. Not only have we built out the largest independent repository of Aldi information on the planet — 1,600+ posts and counting — but we’ve been humbled by the millions of visitors who have visited, read, and commented on our work. Our work has also given us a perch to see Aldi — and its fanbase — grow and expand.

Some of our most memorable moments over the last five years include:

We’ve never ceased to be surprised, especially by posts that proved more popular than we ever expected. We’ve also loved the many insightful comments we’ve gotten on products, which have added great perspective to other shoppers trying to figure out what they should buy.

It’s been a true adventure.

We’re proud of where we’ve come in the last five years, and we can’t wait to see where the next five years take us.

About Joshua

Joshua is the Co-founder of Aldi Reviewer. He is also a writer and novelist. You can learn more about him at


  1. Happy Anniversary/Birthday

    What you do is appreciated and valued.

  2. Thank you for all you do to keep us informed!!

  3. I always enjoy the information you share with us. I know for a fact I have tried new things from Aldi I never would have if I hadn’t read about it here.

  4. Happy Birthday …. Nice to see we also share that !

  5. Sending you thanks and appreciation! While researching some Aldi product, I found your website and since then, purposely go to your site to see what you have to say. I found your review of their electric toothbrush to be right on, and so this was a great benefit to me. Someday I may add comments as I know people sharing what they learn is a good thing!

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