What Products Do You Wish Aldi Would Bring Back?

Aldi missing products

Photo: Aldi US.

Aldi is known for constantly tweaking what products it stocks in stores. They might adjust the recipe for a favorite everyday Regular Buy product, or they might completely drop a product that they once sold all the time. There are other times when Aldi might sell a product once or twice as a limited-time Aldi Find special and never bring it back again.

The reasons why Aldi makes changes to the products it stocks — or doesn’t stock — can be a mystery, understood only by Aldi executives. Sometimes it has to do with suppliers, production costs, changing consumer demand, or possibly that something just didn’t sell well. All we know is that sometimes Aldi products get discontinued.

There are some products we do wish Aldi would bring back, even if they returned only as occasional limited-time Aldi Finds. Below is a list of a few Aldi products — both food and nonfood products — that we’d like to see again.

Keep in mind this is an opinion piece. Feel free to leave a comment about what discontinued Aldi products you’d like to see again. Just keep our community guidelines in mind.

Benton’s Fudge Mint Cookies

Aldi Girl Scout Cookies

Aldi sells some fantastic Regular Buy peanut butter fudge cookies that are dead ringers for Girl Scout Tagalongs. They also sell Regular Buy caramel coconut fudge cookies that are replicas of Girl Scout Samoas. But what we no longer see on Aldi shelves are the grocer’s imitation of Girl Scout Thin Mints. Aldi used to sell Regular Buy Benton’s Fudge Mint Cookies that were very close knockoffs of Thin Mints, but sometime in late 2019 or early 2020, Aldi mysteriously pulled the fudge mint cookies from their shelves with no explanation.

Perhaps Aldi thought the market was already too crowded with other discount store Thin Mint knockoffs. You can buy similar cookies at Family Dollar, Dollar General, and Dollar Tree. Not long after Aldi booted its fudge mint cookies, they started selling some mint striped fudge cookies first as a limited Aldi Find and now as an everyday Regular Buy. They’re good, but we still miss Aldi Thin Mints.

Fit & Active Whole Grain Waffles

fit and active whole grain waffles

It’s well established that whole grains are better for you. We’ve moved to buying primarily whole grain breads for this reason. In the breakfast department, Aldi used to sell Regular Buy frozen Fit & Active Whole Grain Waffles. Those waffles disappeared sometime before 2020. Now, the only frozen waffles Aldi stocks on a regular basis are traditional waffles. We’re not sure why Aldi stopped selling whole grain waffles, but we wish they’d bring them back.

Millville Strawberry Frosted Shredded Wheat

Millville Frosted Shredded Wheat

We love strawberry frosted shredded wheat, and we used to buy the Aldi Millville Regular Buy version all the time. A few years ago, the strawberry shredded wheat started appearing less often on shelves, and it eventually disappeared all together. Aldi only stocks an original frosted shredded wheat these days, which is fine but not as good as the strawberry version in our opinion.

Original Journey to India Tikka Masala Sauce

Aldi has sold several variations on jarred tikka masala sauce since the late 2010s. Nothing compares to the original tikka masala, much to our disappointment. The original was as close to restaurant quality as any store-bought jarred sauce we’ve tried.

Summit Suds Canned Root Beer

Summit Sudz Root Beer

Aldi used to sell some excellent Regular Buy canned root beer under its Summit private label, but sometime around 2020 it disappeared mysteriously. We sometimes see bottled craft root beer at Aldi, but nothing beat the inexpensive canned version.

Season’s Choice Hash Brown Patties

Sometime during the last couple of years, Aldi swapped its good Regular Buy Season’s Choice Hash Brown Patties for a lesser version, Mydibel Hash Brown Patties. The new patties aren’t bad, but they just aren’t as good as the old ones. The difference is noticeable enough that we’ve taken to buying Trader Joe’s Hashbrowns, which we’ve discovered are just about the best grocery store hash brown patties we’ve had.

Radiance Cleaning Sprays

Radiance Knockoff Method Cleaners

Aldi used to sell knockoff Method cleaning sprays in several varieties, and they were excellent. Regular Buy Radiance Cleaning Sprays worked well at getting things clean, and they also had pleasant scents. They were also less harsh than a lot of standard cleaning sprays on the market. However, they went away sometime in 2020. We’re still sad about that.

Easy Home Robotic Vacuum

Easy Home Robotic Vacuum

That’s right. Aldi used to sell an Easy Home Robotic Vacuum about once a year as an Aldi Find. We bought one, and while it wasn’t a top-of-the-line model, it worked okay. It also came with great warranty service. We used our Aldi robot vacuum so much that it eventually wore out, and we might have considered buying another one, except that Aldi hasn’t sold them for years now.

What products do you wish Aldi would bring back? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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  1. Black bean chips, plain Couscous, and Frontera Roasted Tomato Salsa since my food allergy kiddo could eat them, and they cost less at Aldi than anywhere else.

  2. They used to carry a variety of vegetarian/ vegan meat substitutes before the pandemic. Then there were none. In the years since, a few have come back, but no where near what they once had. As a vegetarian family we’ve been seriously impacted by that decision. We’ve had to supplement our Aldi shopping with trips and to other stores. Hurts our morale and makes us want to give up on Aldi, which doesn’t even have a location close to us.

    • Yes, they had a vegetarian Italian sausage that was really good. I miss that! They certainly do need to expand their vegetarian offerings. And noty just as ‘Aldi finds’ but as regular items.

    • Yes exactly. They used to have a large selection of Earth Grown products. My absolute favorite was the Quinoa Crunch veggie burgers. They tasted exactly like fried zucchini. The kale burgers were a close second. I would have loved to try the vegan breakfast items, but our store never had any of that.

    • YES!! I love those too!

  3. Maureen Sullivan

    Mama Cozzi’s Pizza _ Tavern Style – Thin Crust Frozen Pepperoni Pizza
    Absolutely the best and hasn’t returned. Apparently many complaints that there was too much cheese on this version of Mama Cozzi’s Pizza – – Tavern Pizza was cut into square pieces and felt to be more of an appetizer than a meal pizza. I loved it as a meal as I love thin crust pizzas. Wish it would return. It was excellent. Supreme version of the Tavern Pizza was also EXCELLENT!

  4. Cornbread crackers

  5. I keep looking for the high-protein ice cream (Halo Top knockoff – and very good!). Haven’t seen it in a couple of years.

  6. Water softener salt!

  7. Three wishes:
    Friendly Farms Cottage Cheese Non-Fat variety
    Simply Nature Shredded Wheat
    Dry Great Northern Beans

  8. This last fall, I wasn’t able to find their Pumpkin Pie Dessert Hummus. I always looked forward to this seasonal treat, perfect with a ginger cookie !

  9. Rye bread

  10. Their eggplant cutlets in the freezer section always sell out as ‘Aldi finds’. Why can’t they just keep them in stock?

  11. Benton’s chocolate chip dunkers

  12. I miss the lemon loaf mix. It disappeared from my local Aldi stores a couple of years ago.

  13. My wife and I miss the protein bread! Healthy, delicious and inexpensive. They had it for years and now it seems to be discontinued.

  14. Spinach artichoke dip year round. People use it year round not just at certain times of the year.

  15. The Dirty Martini spread

  16. I wish they would bring back the Simply Nature Quinoa Chips in Barbecue and Sea Salt.

  17. Their Organic Chicken & Spinach Sausage year round instead of just in summer and their Specially Selected Porcini Mushroom soup !!

  18. Italian cream cake. Nothing can compare.

  19. Baker’s Corner Angel Food Cake Mix – just add water and this mix is an easy winner in my opinion.

  20. No Salt ADDED Spaghetti Sauce

    • Really? What brand was it? I’ve never been able to find any no salt added spaghetti sauce in any brand. Which would be a game changer for me. Right now I just get a small tomato sauce and dump a bunch of seasoning in it.

      • The Francesco Rinaldi brand makes a ‘Traditional – No Salt Added’ variety. You can check their website to see if anyone near you carries it. It’s priced along the lines of Prego and Ragu, so it’s affordable, especially when on sale. Hope this helps!

  21. Their Specialty Selected ice cream – vanilla with dark chocolate covered almonds

  22. their crumb coffee cake was the best… miss it!!!

  23. priano lasagna , breakfast burritos!

  24. Benton’s Chocolate Chip Dunkers

  25. I haven’t seen a few of the Deutsche Küche products that used to be available around Oktoberfest time. I might have missed them but haven’t seen the jars of purple cabbage or the bratwurst that I used to eat with it OR the canned German potato salad, which I loved!

  26. Virginia C. Simpson

    Ancient Grains FARRO — farro is really hard to find but Aldi always had it. At Trader Joe’s I miss the individual Mexican style quiche and the great flourless chocolate cake.

  27. Fit & Active multi-grain bread

  28. I miss the Best breakfast vegetable blend. I used it to make my egg bites that needed assorted vegetables. Perfect mix. More fast fix meals for two.

  29. I miss the Radiance Summer Edition Rosemary dishwashing soap. It had the greatest fragrance.

  30. I would like Aldi to bring back the Cornbread crackers that were carried several years ago. Also would like to see the plain Shredded Wheat cereal again. Thanks!

  31. Earl James Gilmore

    The German Rye and Pumpernickel breads that came in a flat rectangular shape. High fiber and only a few ingredients. I miss them so much I now order them from a third party on Amazon.

  32. Fit and Active Fish Sticks and Fit and Active Shredded Wheat.

  33. The original Dill Pickle Slices- the recipe has changed. Vidalia onion salad dressing.

  34. They recently discontinued their bologna, or so I am told by one of the workers. I haven’t seen it in months locally. I liked their bologna. I would like to see them bring it back.
    Also being lactose intolerant, I know they have other flavors of their non dairy ice cream, I wished they would bring it through occasionally. I am glad for the vanilla and chocolate that are a regular item, but I would like to see some of those other flavors they have had in the past.

  35. Rye bread, Early Bird ground coffee, Italian Cream cake!

  36. Frozen breaded eggplant cutlets. No one sells them near me
    Only Aldi has them once a year!

  37. Potato salad, rye bread, worcestershire sauce.

  38. The original Apple Strudel bread i bought when my Aldi first opened 4 years ago. It was so yummy and had tons of crumbs on top. Now if it is in stock at all it is just about bare on top. Just not the same.

  39. Did they really discontinue the black bean chips?? The chips that won an award? Those were sooo good. Definitely bring them back.

    I also miss the protein bread and the superfruit spread.

    • I have not seen it for the past six months. You can buy a more expensive version called beanitos. Here in Florida Publix has it and in New Jersey ShopRite has it.

  40. Lilttle bratwurst, hash browns, pimento dips

  41. Several years ago Aldi had Cornbread crackers that we loved with our chile. I also appreciated the plain Shredded Wheat.

  42. Yes! The thin mints were better than real Girl Scout or even Keebler’s. Miss those terribly.

    Also: The original versions of their breaded veal cutlets were batter/flour coated not bread crumbed, so it was more like homemade.
    Their original frozen chicken and dumpling was tastier and had significantly better, fluffier dumplings. I won’t even buy the current version.
    Their canned soups! Better than Chunky. Miss the Italian Wedding, Chicken and Dumpling, Minestrone….

  43. Fit and Active high fiber whole wheat bread. Now they sell Schmidts 647 at almost triple the cost.

  44. I would love to buy more of the tortoise-shell readers which Aldi sold about a year ago for 3 for $5 (or so): For once, inexpensive OTC readers were available for narrow nose bridges. Also, I wish Aldi would bring back unsweetened mini shredded wheat cereal.

  45. Loved their bacon wrapped turkey tenderloins. They disappeared a long time ago never to turn😢

  46. Marbled cinnamon bread!

  47. I never bought the Lemon cake mix at Aldi. But if you haven’t tried the Meyer Lemon Cake Mix from Trader Joes it is awesome.

  48. We used to get apple butter at our Aldi but not since the pandemic. Also their 7 up cake was great for spring and summer, but ours has not had for awhile.
    One Christmas, we bought Specially brand Olive medley. It was in a beautiful round jar and different olives and capers. We really enjoyed it.
    Also Millville copy of cocoa Krispies cereal. So good.

  49. Cocoa rice cereal! My kids preferred it over all the other ‘name’ brands😞


  51. Pumpkin pie ice cream. Sells out so fast! Should be a staple! Also, canned beets!

    • Unfortunately, in a small inventory grocer like Aldi, I’m afraid anything pumpkin-related is destined to be seasonal and limited to the fall. That ice cream is pretty good, though!

  52. Barbara J. Nesbitt

    I loved the German Dutche berry or apple frozen tart pies they only seem to be available once a year. also they used to have the seasonal 8 oz containers of seasonal scent hand soap what happened with that?

  53. I really miss the Keto Protein bread. It’s very difficult to find Keto-friendly foods, and I just loved this bread (tasty and filling)! Sure hope Aldi will consider stocking it again.

    • I love Spritz cookies, all 3 flavors. So……….buttery. They were in the weekly ad but never was on the shelf.

  54. They had a bruschetta spread a couple years back that was delicious – and best of all for me – no onions, which I cannot eat and dislike anyway. I look every time I go to Aldi, hoping to see it again, but no joy.

  55. One hundred percent agree about the Journey to India simmer sauces, every one of them were wonderful. Our store first had the Tikka Masala, eventually adding 3 more varieties of which each family member had a favorite. Mine was the Korma, but the Tikka was always the overall favorite of everyone and we would all have been happy if that had been the only one to remain. It is our most commented on and regretted loss.

    Echoing above, other losses are definitely the hash browns, the plain couscous, and the wider variety of canned soup, in particular the bean with bacon.

    And for me in particular, those flat packaged German breads, what a find! They weren’t for everyone, my kids thought they were terrible, but I had lived in Germany while stationed overseas and it was such a wonderful surprise when they first hit my newly opened store. After I realized they weren’t stocked all year around, I would buy multiples of each variety to freeze.

    While they do sell a good sour dough and at times a couple of other rustic breads, I too have wondered why they don’t sell a good rye bread or a bauernbrot.

    We also think the very excellent mini peanut butter cup candies from a few years ago are different. They disappeared for a while and when they came back, they had changed, including the way they were packaged. But even so, they are still very good, and we prefer them over Reese’s, and we’re happy to have them.

    All in all, though we miss favorites no longer available, we also enjoy trying new things that come into Aldi!

  56. They used to have natural flavored syrups (raspberry, blackberry) as Aldi Finds once in a while. There were no artificial sweeteners and were delicious.

  57. I wish they would bring back the gluten free bagels and offer the gluten free corn bread more often. The gluten free items are good quality and value, I would really like to see more of them on the shelves

  58. We absolutely LOVED the frozen coconut fried shrimp and ate it on average twice per week for dinner. It appears that ALDI has changed suppliers or something. The package looks the same but the product is totally inferior! Looks and tastes like minced shrimp made to vaguely resemble whole shrimp! Terrible!

  59. Savoritz Original TOASTED Crackers … they were Out-of-This-World good!!! I went back for some … the shelf was empty. The Manager said they are “discontinued” … HOW could that be?? They are 100% better than Ritz and Club is no comparison. I guess the only “bright side” is that I won’t be eating a whole bag in one sitting anymore (smile)

  60. Also miss: Fit&Active 100 Calorie Dipped Pretzels … yogurt coated micro-mini pretzels. They come back as “specials” occasionally but not regularly on shelves. WANT THEM BACK!!

  61. I wish they’d bring back the peppermint mocha almond milk creamer. It was the best coffee creamer I ever had.

  62. I miss the cinnamon crumb cake! that was the best~!

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