13 Affordable Small Luxuries From Aldi

Affordable luxuries from Aldi

Aldi is a great grocery store for stocking up on staples. You’ll find bargains on daily items such as milk, bread, eggs, produce, canned and frozen goods, and more. But Aldi also regularly stocks some unique items you can’t find anywhere else, and if you’re looking to pamper yourself, a friend, or a family member, or maybe celebrate a special occasion, you’ll find quite a few worthwhile possibilities at Aldi.

This post deals primarily with everyday Regular Buys at Aldi, meaning most of the products listed here are things you can purchase all year.

So keeping reading to learn about some affordable little luxuries you can purchase at Aldi.

  1. Chocolate. When we asked people who follow our Aldi Reviewer Facebook page what Aldi products they like to buy when they want to treat themselves, this was one of the most common answers. Aldi sells a variety of excellent chocolate under its Choceur house brand, including milk chocolate bars, peanut butter cups, and chocolate covered pretzels, as well as German Knoppers.
  2. Wine. This was a close second in our Facebook page poll. Not every Aldi location sells alcohol, depending on where you live, but popular choices include the Aldi house brand Winking Owl wines, as well as selections such as Three Mills Botanical Wine, Corte Bella Rosso, In the Pink Moscato, and Sunshine Bay Sauvignon Blanc. For more Aldi wine picks, you can view suggestions from Reverse Wine Snob here.
  3. Ice cream. Aldi sells a variety of ice cream options, including scoopable vanilla and chocolate ice cream made with whole ingredients, knockoff Ben & Jerry’s, ice cream sandwiches, and novel items such as mochi.
  4. Coffee. Also mentioned often in our Facebook poll, Aldi doesn’t skimp when it comes to coffee options, which include a donut store blend and hazelnut creamer, classic decaf and vanilla caramel creamer, fair trade single origin organic coffee, and more.
  5. Specialty cheese. Aldi makes waves when it sells holiday-themed cheeses, but it also has a good selection of everyday cheese, including specialty cheese such as mature cheddar and other varieties great for cheese boards or charcuterie boards, plus string cheese, cream cheese spreads, cheese curds, and cheese blocks.
  6. Seafood. Some of our favorites include Mediterranean Herb Atlantic Salmon and breaded shrimp. Aldi also rotates in a wide selection of seafood options throughout the year for the holidays and for Lent, including lobster and crab legs, so keep an eye on the weekly ad for more goodies.
  7. Knockoff Girl Scout cookies. Aldi sells cookies that are dead ringers for Girl Scout Samoas and Tagalongs (Peanut Butter Patties), so you can get your cookie fix any time of year. Aldi used to sell a Thin Mint knockoff as well, but they discontinued those a couple of years ago, although they sold some mint-striped cookies for a short time this spring that came close.
  8. Macarons. Aldi stocks these French treats in its freezer section. If you’ve never had these fancy little sandwich cookies with a crisp outer crust and a chewy center, get yourself to Aldi and pick up a box.
  9. Cheesecake. Aldi sells different kinds of whole cheesecake, and even cheesecake bites, at various times of year, but among the things they always carry are small containers with two slices of cheesecake in several flavors. A perfect dessert for just one or two.
  10. Mini cream puffs and eclairs. Another staple in dessert freezer, these fancy little cream-filled pastries would make anyone feel special.
  11. Cut flowers. Aldi usually keeps a few bouquets of cut fresh flowers at the end caps near the cash registers. If you need to brighten someone’s day or add some color to your own table, you’ll get a bargain on Aldi bouquets. These are especially great for holidays such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, but Aldi generally has a few bouquets stocked all year.
  12. Toiletries. Aldi sells plenty of basic toiletries such as razors and toothbrushes, but they also sell a few items that will help you pamper yourself, including day and night cream along with shampoo and conditioner that compare to name-brand TRESemmé.
  13. Candles. Aldi stocks vanilla 3-wick candles year round, and their 3-wick candles tend to burn well and smell good. If you want other scents, Aldi rolls out limited stock of various scents throughout the year, so keep an eye on the weekly ad.

How about you? What small luxuries do you like to buy from Aldi?

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  1. I would add the Coconut Cashews. They are VERY yummy. I agree on the candles, I love them too.

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