Our Favorite Aldi Lunch Box Foods

Aldi Lunch Box Ideas

In many areas, the new school year is upon us or nearly upon us. That means that in addition to all the usual back-to-school shopping for pencils, notebooks, and backpacks, many parents are also thinking about lunch.

If your student buys lunch at school, you may not have to think much about it. If your student packs a lunch from home, then part of your daily routine includes filling the lunch box or lunch bag. That means keeping packable lunch items stocked in your fridge and pantry.

Aldi is a great place to get food for school lunches. The following list is not exhaustive but includes some of our favorite go-items for the lunch bag. These items are also all Regular Buys, which means Aldi sells them all year.


  • Never Any! lunch meat. If you want meat without added preservatives, this is it. It’s a staple in our refrigerator for school lunches or for summer picnics and road trips. Don’t forget condiments like mayo and mustard.
  • Northern Catch or Fit & Active tuna salad and cracker kits. Perfect if you don’t have access to a refrigerator and need something shelf-stable. Each individual-serving kit contains a small can of tuna salad and a small package of crackers, plus a plastic “spoon.”
  • Brookdale chicken salad and cracker kits. Sold alongside Aldi’s tuna salad and cracker kits, these are shelf-stable and contain a little can of chicken salad, a cracker packet, and a plastic “spoon.”
  • Never Any! Lunch Kits. The Aldi version of Lunchables. Enough said.
  • Northern Catch Tuna. Aldi sells canned tuna in several varieties under its Northern Catch private label. We like the sustainable skipjack tuna. Great for making tuna salad for sandwiches or for dipping crackers in.
  • Peanut Delight or Simply Nature Peanut Butter. A lunchbox staple, especially if your kid likes PB & J sandwiches and your school doesn’t have restrictions on students bringing peanut products to lunch. You can find several types of peanut butter at Aldi, including natural varieties. Aldi also usually carries some peanut-alternative spreads if allergies are a concern.
  • Specially Selected Premium Fruit Spread. To go with your PB & J sandwich. Strawberry is our favorite, and the raspberry is good, too.
  • L’Oven Fresh Whole Grain White Bread. This hasn’t always been in stock lately at our favorite local store, but when it’s available it’s a nice healthier alternative to regular white bread.
  • Little Salad Bar Salad Bowls. These individual bowls contain salad, toppings, dressing, and a fork. We especially like the Chicken Caesar Salad, but the Santa Fe Style and the Cranberry Walnut Salad are good, too.
  • Reggano Classic Pasta Salad or Ranch & Bacon Pasta Salad. These are the Aldi version of name-brand Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad pasta salad boxed kits. My family absolutely loves the Bacon & Ranch Pasta Salad, and when packed in a lunch bag with an ice pack or stashed in a fridge, it makes a nice main course or a side. Add some nutrition by tossing in diced veggies such as tomatoes or cucumber.

If You Have a Microwave or Thermos:




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