A Cheat Sheet Guide to When Certain Aldi Finds are Likely to be in Stores

One of the most common reasons some of our readers contact us is because they’re looking for a specific product that was in Aldi stores for a short time, and now they can’t find it.

To help answer readers’ questions about why certain products may not be available, it’s good to know a little about how Aldi inventory works.

First of all, Aldi stocks its shelves year round with staples such as produce, dairy, bread, meat, and non-food items including laundry detergent and toilet paper. These are called Regular Buys.

The second thing to know is that every week, Aldi gets a limited shipment of of other goods. These are called Aldi Finds, and they can be just about anything, from specialty foods to furniture to kitchen gadgets to clothing. Almost anything you can think of might show up as an Aldi Find. The catch is that these Aldi Finds don’t get restocked after a store’s single shipment sells out, and you can’t order them online if they’re sold out at your local store.

The good news is that Aldi Finds often run on an annual repeating cycle, with the same (or similar) products often — but not always — reappearing each year around the same time, give or take. This is not always a hard and fast guideline, because sometimes Aldi will sell an Aldi Find and never bring it back. Generally, though, it’s more common to see items return to stores each year. Often, these products appear exactly when we most want them, such as gardening supplies in the spring or exercise equipment in January.

With that said, here is our best attempt at offering a cheat sheet guide as to what time of year certain products are most likely to hit store shelves. Keep in mind we are not Aldi, so we don’t know for sure what the store will stock at any given time. Our list below is based on our personal experiences, our records of weekly Aldi ads, and some educated guessing. Aldi reserves the right to shift when they release items or to decide not to bring certain things back ever.

Also be aware that if you really want a product, we recommend going to Aldi on the day the weekly ad says that product will first become available. This will maximize your chances of finding it, because some things sell out in a matter of days or, in rare cases, even minutes.



  • Valentine’s Day gifts, flowers, and food. Read our thoughts on one of Aldi’s rose bouquets here. And, our post about Aldi houseplants is here.
  • More exercise equipment. View our roundup of some of Aldi’s February exercise gear here.
  • Kitchen gadgets and cookware.
  • Seafood and Lenten-themed food. This includes breaded fish, fish sandwiches, and scallop and shrimp bites.





  • Summer and Fourth of July food, picnic, cookout, and party supplies, including the Gardenline Instant Canopy. You also can view our grills and smokers roundup post here.
  • Gardening supplies. View a roundup of some of Aldi’s garden products here.
  • Lawn care items. View a roundup of Aldi spring lawn gear here.
  • Patio and outdoor furniture.
  • Camping gear, including the Adventuridge Collapsible Tub.
  • Air conditioners and fans, including window and portable air conditioners.
  • Pools, water slides, and swimming gear.
  • Beach and swim clothing.
  • Kids’ outdoor toys, including disc swings.
  • Kitchen gadgets and cookware.
  • Father’s Day cards and gifts.



  • Labor Day food and picnic supplies.
  • Furniture and accessories for dorms or houses, including lamps, rugs, and small furniture items.
  • Bedding.
  • Laundry supplies.
  • Kitchen gadgets and cookware, including canning supplies.


  • Fall decor and food. Read about our favorite fall Aldi products here.
  • Lawn equipment. View our fall Aldi lawn care roundup here.
  • Kitchen gadgets and cookware.




What types of products do you notice Aldi offering at different times throughout the year? Let us know in the comments.

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Rachael is the Co-founder of Aldi Reviewer. When she isn't busy shopping at Aldi, she enjoys cooking, gardening, writing gothic romance, and collecting more houseplants than she probably should. You can learn more about her at rachaelsjohnston.com.


  1. I love the p work schnitzel and red cabbage with apple. But all I can find is the chicken schnitzel – wish the. pork was more available.

  2. What an awesome post! Thank you so much!

  3. This was VERY helpful! Thanks!

  4. May is Celiac Awareness Month so Aldi brings back it Fabulous Gluten Free cheesecake along with other frozen gluten free items. (They do NOT advertise these in their weekly flyer anymore)

    • Thanks for the info about May being Celiac Awareness Month. I saw lots of frozen gluten free food in the online Aldi ad last month. Are you referring to the printed ads at physical Aldi stores? I think the printed ads tend to focus more on the non-food Aldi Finds.

  5. When does the brisket come back!? The peppered and the Texas bbq. I loved that stuff.

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